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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 1998


Congratulation’s to Paul Bennett on successfully defending
his English Amateur Championship title after beating Neal
Rewhorn in the final at Nuneaton.

Paul’s win was all the sweeter as Neal had beaten him only 3
weeks earlier in the CIU Semi Final.

Many thanks to Bob Coales and his Atack Snooker Club staff
for their endeavours and support during the staging of the
last 16 and subsequent rounds.

One disappointment of the final day was the sparse
attendance of spectators. When we first visited Nuneaton
a healthy 60+ watched the finals and the 2nd year not many
less, so where were you this time?

We resisted the EASB request to have our final incorporated
within their finals weekend on the May bank holiday because
of our established commitment to Nuneaton and while we are
loathe to relinquish the excellent recourses at Nuneaton the
players involved deserve a better response, so alternatives
whether with or without the EASB will need to be considered.

Remember I advised about making applications for grant
assistance and sports awards in ABP7. Well, we reported
in the last mag of the Sports Award to Ralph Macklin by
Middlesbrough Council and now I’m delighted to report that
John Hartley has been allocated £200 sports aid from the
Redcar and Cleveland Council.

The sum will assist John’s entry and movement to the ABC’s
and various other tournaments. Thank you Redcar Council
and well done John. Any other successes out there?

It was only a short while ago that we congratulated Peter
Gilchrist on becoming Vice Chairman of the Professional
Billiards Committee. Now we congratulate him further after
his elevation to Chairman.

Whilst, along with many others, I had my run in’s with Clive
Everton, who has been displaced by Peter, I would record my
thanks to Clive for the efforts he has given to the administration
and promotion of billiards.

That is not to say he has gone away, Clive retained his
democratic right to remain on the Billiards Committee despite
a request that he withdraw from it and he will no doubt remain
active and strongly voiced in it’s future.

With Michael Ferreira as the new Vice Chairman Peter will
have a guiding supporter. Good luck to them.

Following the presentation of prizes by Rex Williams after
the final of the English Amateur an informal discussion
took place with our Association Officers.

Rex is suggesting a meeting with himself and Terry Crabbe
(Development officer WPBSA) take place with ourselves to
look at potential closer relationships between the Pro and
Amateur Association.

The Pro’s are keen to have a Pro-Am tournament play reinstated
and there will undoubtedly be other issues to discuss.

I am aware (whether I’m supposed to know or not) the WPBSA
is looking to purchase a national cue sports magazine (no
guesses but it’s initials are the reverse of ours), whether this
has any affect on our magazine production we wait to see.

One point of concern I have about the interaction of pro’s and
amateurs is the variance of rules, if we have Pro-Ams, who’s
rules do we play to?

I distinctly recall when the new set of rules were agreed on a
world wide basis though the WPBSA/IBSF, etc, I called for—
and thought it was agreed—there would be a moratorium of at
least 3 years before further rule changes would be allowed.

Since then there have been many variances and additions to
the pro game rules, not all in my opinion to the well-being of
the game. There will need to be another coming together of
minds of this alone.

One point I hope the Pro-Billiards Committee will address
is the format for the World Matchplay event.

Games of 100 up are demeaning to pro’s and don’t allow players
skills to come through, I’m nearly tempted to get my cue out
and enter it (now there would be a novelty!).

Thanks to our magazine contributors who provide us with
their experiences, recollections and records. Your provision
is appreciated.

When have we been afraid to be innovative? It may have
taken 110 years but a female eventually refereed a major
billiards final! Vera Selby, a current and capable billiards player,
and a former national and world ladies snooker champion,
refereed the final of our English Amateur Championships and
did it well, congratulations Vera.

The CIU Individual Billiards entry has declined in recent
years. New sponsorship of the event for 1998 reinforces
the point that it is a tournament worthy of your support. Entry
form details can be found on page 5.

Until next time, good cueing and viewing.

Albert Hanson

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