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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : November, 1910

The Billiard Monthly : November, 1910

Latest Record off the Red

Gray has eclipsed and re-eclipsed himself – this time with
consecutive red losers. Just after the break tables on another
page of this number had gone to press the news came that Gray,
playing against Cook, had put up a break of 1,058, including
352 consecutive red losers, representing 1,056
points, or almost as many consecutive hazards as any other player
has made consecutive points by this class of stroke.

Appended is
a list of “off the red” records to date:-

George Gray (Nov. 15, 1910) 1,056;
George Gray (Nov. 1, 1910) 879;
George Gray (Oct. 4, 1910) 879;
George Gray (Aug. 25, 1907) 831;
H. W. Stevenson (April 16, 1909) 354;
M. Inman (Oct. 12, 1906) 300;
W. Osborne (March 16, 1906) 294;
C. Dawson (Jan. 18, 1899) 279;
John Roberts (Jan. 5, 1906) 243

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