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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : December, 1910

The Billiard Monthly : December, 1910

John Roberts Senior on the Middle Pocket Losing Hazard

In a Book written by the old billiard champion, John
Roberts, senr., the following occurs with regard to the
middle pocket losing hazard:—

“It can be scored with the butt of the cue just as well
as with the point. The only difficulty lies in setting the
ball played with at the correct angle; that once done, the
stroke is, I might almost say, bad to fail at. In the case
given the player’s ball must be struck in the centre and the
led on the right side, so that the white will slide from it
into the pocket. The object then goes to the top cushion,
and rebounds according to the strength with which the
stroke has been effected. So long as any player can continue
scoring into either of the middle pockets with any
certainty of forcing the red back into a place from which
he is likely to make another hazard, he need try no other
stroke, wish for no better break. Many professionals have
made twenty consecutively into the middle pockets, but, as
in the case of the spot hazard, the stroke becomes trying
after a few times, and players generally break down at the
position; hardly ever at the hazard.”

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