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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : January, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : January, 1911

Amateur Doings of the Month


The annual handicap open to amateur members of the
Billiard Association is being played in the private room at
the Bedford Head Hotel, Tottenham Court Road, London.

The heats are 500 points up, and ivory balls are
used. There are 40 entrants, including three past amateur

In the Christmas handicap held at Mr. J. P. Mannock’s
Rooms, Bedford Head Hotel, the finalists were W. Warne
(scratch) and J. Wilson (160). Warne, whose highest
break was 38, won by 19 points.

In the Victoria Club handicap final the scores were:—
Sibary (194), 300; Benjamin (162), 294.

The Albert Club handicap resulted as follows:—L. Stroud
(50), 200; F. Oliver (125), 160.

At the Beaufort Club the Christmas handicap resulted in
the victory by one point of A. Heathorn (125) over J. Dean


The seventh annual Manchester Charity Handicap was
brought to a termination at Messrs. Orme & Sons’ Saloon,
Mr. Vincent Bagnall gaining the first prize. The semifinals
and the final attracted the usual big attendances, and
the financial outcome will again enable the committee to
materially benefit the Charter Street Mission, the Police aided
Association for Clothing Destitute Children, and the
Cinderella Fund.


The competition for the Amusements’ Cup has now
reached its most interesting stage, and much interest is
being shown in the chances of the semi-finalists. Arrangements
are being made for the final round to be played on
the standard table in the private room at the Manchester
Hotel, to which all League players and friends will be
invited. After the game, the cup and the prizes will be presented.


In the Herefordshire Amateur Championship rounds now
commencing, it has been decided that in accordance with
the option allowed by the rules of the Billiards Control
Club the “spot” stroke be not barred in any of the


In the final heat of the local club’s billiard handicap the
players were A. J. Morgan and L. P. Joyce, each of whom
were in receipt of 100 points in 200. The former won by 44.


The Navy and Army billiards’ tournament is in progress
at Portsmouth.


The annual L.V. League tournament will commence on
January 25.


The final in the Liverpool Amateur Championship was
contested on January 12, with the following result:—S. D.
Stead, 1,000; H. Hughenden, 678. The former accordingly
receives the silver challenge cup and a gold medal, and
the latter a gold medal.


Arrangements are now well advanced for the Scottish
Amateur Billiard Championship, the winner of which
qualifies for the British Championship at Dublin. Mr. R.
Blair is the holder, and Major Fleming will be another of
the competitors. A start will be made with the competition
on February 13.

The tables in the column below covering the present
season up to the 14th inst., are published by The Sporting
Life, and present in excellent and convenient form the
three figure breaks and the full record of the principal
matches played to the date named.

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