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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : February, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : February, 1911

Billiard Association Amateur Championship

The London qualifying competition for the Billiard Association
Amateur Championship is being played at 184,
Brompton Road, S.W. The contestants are:—G. J. Calder
v. L. Stroud; A. W. T. Good v. F. C. Duell; H. G. Nutt
v. A. Huxley; A. R. Wisdom v. W. J. Hart; E. H. S.
Berridge v. G. W. S. Williams; A. W. Sellar v. R. H.
Neus. A. L. Onslow and E. H. Hinds have byes. The
games are 1,000 up.

In the other sections the entrants are:—

NORTHERN: H. C. King, G. A. Heginbottom, J. G. Taylor,
H. Blackburn, and J. Cunliffe, and in the Western,
R. Thomas, J. Bailey, C. P. Beresford, S. C. Chirguidden,
H. Dale, and C. L. Taylor.

SCOTTISH: A. Anderson (Glasgow) v. M. Smith (Edinburgh); T. Gill (Edinburgh) v. J. “Mall” (Glasgow); A.
Croneen (Edinburgh) v. Major Fleming (Edinburgh); P.
Paterson (Edinburgh) a bye.

IRISH: Mr. P. Duff Mathews a bye; Mr. W. M. Davidson
v. Mr. W. Dixon; Mr. T. Singleton v. Mr. F. B.
Burke; Mr. A. T. Marsh v. Mr. J. C. Burns; Mr. J.
O’Connell v. Mr. C. P. Coote; Mr. T. L. Plunkett v. Mr.
J. Collie; Messrs. J. M. Meldon and J. H. Jones byes.

WELSH: Mr. Nugent walks over.

The final will be played in Dublin. Mr. Lonsdale (Manchester)
the holder, is not contesting as he thinks that the
final, in accordance with previous custom, should be played
in the locality from which the holder hails, and to which
he has, in previous years, been called upon to make long

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