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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : February, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : February, 1911

Jottings of the Month

  • There are suggestions in Leeds for municipal golf courses
    and billiard rooms.

  • Fred Lindrum, jun., champion of Australia, is said to
    have made 687 off the red in a private 1,000 up.

  • It is announced that the temperance billiard rooms in
    various London districts have proved a success financially.

  • The Accrington magistrates have renewed licenses for
    billiard halls on condition that no one under eighteen years
    of age be allowed to play.

  • Kalyin Demarest, the American boy champion billiard
    player, arrived at Plymouth on the liner Nieu Amsterdam
    on Feb. 8, from New York, en route for Paris.

  • It is understood that Gray will play three matches at
    Holborn Hall, London, next month, and that Diggle will
    be his opponent in at least one of the games.

  • In an interesting “relay” match, H. W. Stevenson defeated,
    on the 11th inst., four Newcastle professionals to
    whom he had conceded varying long starts.

  • Stevenson is credited with having scored 20 points per
    minute at one part of his most recent match at Soho
    Square, and with having made 400 points in 22 minutes on
    one occasion last season.

  • Many points in connection with billiards are crying aloud
    for reform. Why, for instance, should not all pocket openings
    be standardized in width and otherwise and the hire of
    all public tables charged for by time?

  • There has latterly been a little slackening in the George
    Gray galops away from opponents. At Manchester Diggle
    during several days drew closely up and was occasionally
    ahead. Under the conditions this was a great performance.

  • W. Pindar defeated G. Nelson for the Yorkshire championship
    by 8,000 to 7,021. The winner was presented with
    the championship cup, gold medal, and a cheque for 16gs.,
    representing two-thirds of the gate receipts, and Nelson
    received a cheque for 8gs.

  • The royal warrant as billiard table makers to the King
    has been received by Messrs. Burroughes & Watts, Ltd.,
    Soho Square, W., by Messrs. Thurston & Co., Ltd.,
    Leicester Square, W.C., and by Messrs. Orme & Sons, Ltd.,

  • An international billiard tournament is in progress in
    New York. The German champion (Albert Poensgen) is
    contesting and the French champion (Darantierre) was
    expected. The American champion at 18.1 and 18.2 billiards
    (W. Hoppe) is retiring from the profession.

  • The preliminary heat of 9,000 up in the professional
    championship contest under the auspices of the Billiards
    Control Club, between M. Inman and T. Reece will be
    decided in the week commencing April 3. The winner of
    this game will meet H. W. Stevenson (the holder) in the
    challenge round of 18,000 up, which will commence on April
    17th at the Caxton Hall, Westminster.

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