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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : April, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : April, 1911

Billiards at the Incurables’ Hospital

During the past two months the greatest interest has
been centred by both players and spectators in a handicap
tournament, at the above Institution, for prizes generously
provided by Mr. A. Thompson, of Clarendon Road, Putney,
and played by permission of the Board of Management.

One of the patients was entrusted with both handicapping
and refereeing, and his awards were eagerly awaited by the
players. When they were published on the recreation room
notice-board it was seen they were as follows:—Mr. Killingbeck
and Mr. Stott, scratch; Mr. Winter receives 20; Mr.
Barnard, 65; Mr. Haines, 110; Mr. Frost, 125. Heats 250
up, all in.

The following brief description of the players is interesting.

Messrs. Killingbeck and Winter are suffering from
paralysis; Mr. Stott has lost both legs, and has to seek the
aid of artificial limbs; Mr. Barnard is compelled to go
round the table in a wheel chair, and take his shots in a
sitting posture; Mr. Haines, although able to rise to strike
the ball, is also obliged to seek the aid of his chair in order
to get into position; whilst Mr. Frost has to enlist the aid
of the table for support when taking his shots.

As evidence of the great interest taken in the tournament,
several of the patients whose custom it has been for years
to retire to rest at 6 p.m., refrained from doing so in order
to witness the various games. It is worthy of note that
the utmost good feeling and sportsmanship prevailed during
the whole of the contests. Messrs. Agar and Gawthorne
officiated as markers. The last heat, No. XV., was Killingbeck
(scratch) v. Haines (receives 110). Both players opened
very carefully, and it was a long while before either gained
any material advantage. Mr. Killingbeck compiled a useful
break of 17, followed by another of 12, and took his
score to 100, but it was seen that Mr. Haines had also been
busy. When the scores reached 181—127, he had a fair proportion
of his points in hand. The game progressed slowly,
until the marker was heard calling Haines 201, Killingbeck
151. A series of useful innings by Mr. Killingbeck took
him to within 8 of his opponent at 230. A nice sequence
of losing hazards by the long starter, took him to 240,
and never giving the scratch player another chance, he
reached the goal 17 in front.

At the conclusion of the tournament, a perusal of the
score-sheet showed that Mr. Haines, who is 72 years old,
was the winner of the first prizes, with four wins and one
loss. The two scratch men, Messrs. Killingbeck and Stott
having tied for second place (with three wins and two losses
each), the deciding game was fought out with great determination,
Mr. Killingbeck eventually winning by 17 points
only. The fourth position was gained by Mr. Winter, after
a tie with Mr. Barnard, with two wins and three losses
each, Mr, Winter winning in the replay by 29 points. A
hearty vote of thanks to the donor of prizes was given with
musical honours at the close of the proceedings.

George Gray, the young Australian billiard player, has
promised to pay a visit to the Royal Hospital for Incurables,
Putney Heath, and give an exhibition game there,
before the patients, upon the table recently presented to the
Institution by the Duchess of Northumberland.—Wandsworth
Borough News.

[It may also be mentioned that part of the proceeds of the
recent play at the Salon, Soho Square, between Stevenson
and Mr. Lonsdale, go to the same good object.]

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