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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : April, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : April, 1911

Jottings of the Month

  • Much has been heard during the month of challenges on
    behalf of Gray by John Roberts, who is now conducting
    the Gray tours, and Roberts himself has been in turn challenged.
    But it has come to nothing, conditions that are
    designated impossible being stipulated all round. Incidentally,
    Gray has made a break of 2,196 unfinished and
    has also made his twentieth thousand break for the season.
    This is somewhat reminiscent of Stevenson’s one thousand
    breaks of over 100 two years ago. But no one counts
    Gray’s hundred breaks. Next year Gray will challenge for
    the championship.
  • As will be seen from our tabular records, the Tournament
    at the Soho Square Salon resulted in Diggle and Inman
    sharing the £100 prize. The snooker shield was finally won
    by Harverson, the holder, and £20, for the highest red ball
    break, by Reece, with 228.
  • There was a very large attendance at the Green Man,
    Ipswich Street, W., on March 20th, when the proprietor,
    Mr. W. G. Hayes, played Mr. Ernest Smith, a well-known
    Balham amateur, 750 up level. Smith, whose best breaks
    were 43, 30, and 27, won by 16. Hayes’s chief contributions
    were 29, 27, and 26.
  • The return match between teams of four a side representing
    Stock Exchange Brokers and Jobbers was concluded at
    the Palmerston Restaurant, Old Broad Street, E.C, on
    March 31. The Brokers won the match by 3 games to 1,
    and aggregated 1,392 points to 1,297; but on the two sets of
    games the Jobbers had a majority of 293 points.
  • The second annual dinner of the I.D.P.’s—a benevolent
    institution confined exclusively to markers—was held at the
    Hercules, Kennington Road, on April 2. During the interval
    the prizes for the I.D.P. handicap were presented as
    follow:—First, Tom Nelson; second, H. Graham; third, G.
    Simpson; fourth, C. Holloway; special prize for red ball
    break, C. Norburn (66).
  • The sixth annual dinner and distribution of prizes in connection
    with the Press Invitation Handicap took place on
    Saturday evening at the Bedford Head Hotel, Tottenham
    Court Road, Mr. Sydney Pardon presiding. The vice-chair
    was occupied by Mr. Harry Young, president of the handicap.
    The winners of the handicap to date are as follows:—
    1905-6, E. A. Humphreys; 1906-7, C. V. Diehl; 1907-8, T.
    A. Edge; 1908-9, A. S. Galtry; 1909-10, George Reid;
    1910-11, G. J. Groves.
  • The second annual dinner of the Billiard Professionals’
    Association took place at the York Mansions Restaurant,
    York Street, Westminster, on April 2, when T. Reece,
    who presided, announced that he would become a member
    and present a prize for next season’s handicap. During
    the evening the chairman presented prizes to Bert Elphick,
    winner of the championship; Ernest Eve. runner-up; H.
    Furze, winner of the handicap; and W. J. Long, runner-up.
  • In the final for the Professionals’ Association Championship,
    Elphick beat Eve by 879 in 2,000 up. In making his
    last 1,000 Elphick averaged 22½ and made in all five breaks
    exceeding 100. In the first of the four sessions Eve also
    exceeded the 100.
  • Stevenson is going abroad for a holiday and Reece and
    Inman will respectively be playing in Australia and South
  • The Highgate Temperance Billiard Hall was opened on
    April 5 with a match between Harverson and Mack. It
    contains ten full-size standard tables by Burroughes and
  • Gray is with us and the boy professional champion has
    been with us always. Now we are getting the boy amateur
    champions, such as Master Harry Taylor, of Bradford, and
    Master Jack C. Lister, of Croydon.
  • It is understood that Miss Ruby Roberts, niece of Charles
    Memmott, the ex-Australian champion, and who is described
    by John Roberts as the finest lady player the world has ever
    seen, will not appear in public until next season.
  • A match of 9,000 up for £25 aside for the championship
    of Liverpool, between J. Pearson and J. W. Collens, is to
    take place, play commencing on Easter Tuesday, April 18th,
    and finishing on the following Monday, April 26th.
  • Roberts signalized his return to England and to home
    billiards by beating Cook, to whom he conceded 6,000, by
    18,000 to 17,409, and although scoring more than three
    points to two, he spent considerably the lesser time at the
  • T. Newman, at the Durham Castle, Finsbury Park, N.,
    on March 13, in a match of 800 up level against Fred
    Lawrence, ran to game in seven innings, averaging 114.
    His breaks were 57, 163, 153, 87, 107, 109, and 124
    unfinished, and he won by 627 points. On April 6, at
    Hornsey Rise, Newman also beat W. H. Sparrow in 800 up
    by 332, and made a break of 283 and another of 194.
  • Gray maintains his unbeaten record, and, according to
    the average test, should be able to give anybody one-third
    of the game start. His latest exploit is to play with bonzoline
    balls as though it did not matter, although bonzolines
    are just as difficult for his game, in comparison with crystalates,
    as ivories. Indeed, as The Billiard Monthly has
    already shown, the two different classes of ivories, followed
    by crystalates and bonzolines, mark four successive steps
    in regard to throw-off, and the greatest of these is bonzoline.
  • The final heat in the London Charity Handicap proper
    was played on March 16, at Mannock’s Rooms, Bedford
    Head Hotel, the finalists being J. Hobbs (rec. 100) and F.
    Scott (rec. 166), the latter having qualified at the King’s
    Arms, Peckham Rye, and the former at headquarters. The
    saloon was well filled, and a very interesting game resulted
    in a win for Hobbs by 46, including runs of 22, 26, 50, and
    17. The prizes were duly presented and during the evening
    an exhibition 300 up was given by Mr. A. W. T. Good and B.
    Elphick, who won by 17 after conceding 80. The winners
    to date of the handicap have been:—1903, Howard Stevens;
    1904, J. N. Stirton; 1905, W. Hyett; 1906, H. Atherton;
    1907, W. H. White; 1908, J. Turner; 1909, A. G. Appleyard;
    1910, A. S. Lyndall; 1911, J. Hobbs.

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