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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : May, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : May, 1911

An Interesting Match

One of the most novel and attractive matches of the
whole season (says The Sporting Life) will be commenced
at Messrs. Burroughes and Watts’s Soho Square Salon on
Monday next. H. W. Stevenson and Edward Diggle will
be the contestants and interesting play should result. The
atmosphere will not be charged with the excitement that
pervades a championship match, but that will conduce to
good billiards, rather than militate against it. Playing
on the same table and under the same conditions for four
weeks, it may, without undue optimism, be anticipated that
some really” big “billiards will be forthcoming from both
men, and it is quite on the cards that a record or two will

Diggle will receive 5,000 start, and there will be no
“game” called, for the match is to go the full course, irrespective
of points, each session lasting two hours. In connection
with this match The Sporting Life is organizing a
special sealed break prize. The Editor has in his possession
the figures of the two breaks which, in the opinion of the
billiard staff of The Sporting Life, represent a reasonable
best break from either man during the month. At the conclusion
of the game the envelope will be opened, and the
player whose highest break comes nearest (proportionately)
to the sealed figures will be adjudged the winner.

We understand that a Burroughes and Watts “Billiard-diner” (billiard and dining table combined) will be presented
to the amateur registering the highest break with
ball from hand off the red ivory ball on centre spot during
the four weeks, this special and interesting contest amongst
spectators commencing at 5 each evening.

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