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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : May, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : May, 1911

Ladies and Billiards

How Miss Ruby Roberts Learnt Her Game

“Just over twenty years ago,” Miss Roberts informed
an Evening Times representative, “I was born at North
Carlton, a suburb of Melbourne. I was brought up without
any idea of billiards. My father didn’t play, nor any
of those at home, and Charles Memmott, my uncle, lived
right over at Brisbane, so I seldom heard or saw anything
of him.

Then about six years ago Uncle Charlie quite unexpectedly
came to live at Melbourne, and I saw more of
him. There was no talk of billiards for more than a year
though, until one day uncle had a letter from a lady asking
him to teach her the game. It was then that the idea
occurred to uncle to teach me, and after twelve months’
tuition I was giving lessons myself.

I liked the game from the first, and I adore it now.

There is nothing so fine and exciting as billiards, especially
if you can play well, as I hope to do one day.

After about eighteen months’ play my average break
had grown to be thirty, and then, I tell you, I did just
think I was getting on! I played matches in private and
gave lessons, and kept on improving until I got to the
hundred break. My highest break was 168 off the red.

I had beaten all the Australian lady players worth
meeting, when in September in last year Mr. John Roberts
came to Melbourne. He heard of me, and asked to see me
play, and though I was horribly nervous and made an
awfully bad show—my highest break was only about thirty
—he was good enough to say he liked my play, and invited
me to finish his tour with him, and continue in London.

We went to Colombo and Penang, and all over the
Malay States. I played twenty-five matches—with the best
gentlemen amateurs in the districts to which we went—
winning seventeen and losing eight. My play suffered a
lot on tour in consequence of the tables being in such a
dreadful condition. It will take me quite a time to regain
my lost form.”

Miss Eva Collins, of Southsea, has just won a billiard
match of 500 up against Mr. Bert Brickwood. The match,
which was on level terms, was played at the Central Conservative
Club, Portsmouth, and the lady was successful by
50 points.

Miss Isabel Jay has just completed her last week in
London in musical comedy. “It is to be a real retirement,”
Miss Jay (Mrs. Frank Curzon in private life)
assuring an Evening News representative, who adds that
Miss Jay is going to take up billiards. She has had a
special table fixed up, and is taking lessons, and making
fine progress with the cue.” I shall soon be clever enough
to challenge Gray, ” she said. “I play left-handed, and
that would perhaps bother him a bit.”

It is always a pleasant time when the gentlemen join the
ladies in the drawing room, and if there is a billiard room
the ladies can return the compliment by joining the gentlemen

Public billiards by ladies in America is a more paying
thing, apparently, than has hitherto been found to be the
case in this country. The New York Morning Telegraph
states that on the occasion of the pool contest between Mrs.

Bertha May King and “Babe” Clearwater, the 16-year-old
Pittsburgh girl, fully 2,000 persons were unable to gain admittance.

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