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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : July, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : July, 1911

On the Trail of Gray

The Stealthy Advance of Lindrum, as Marked in Successive Cablegrams

April.—The Australian champion has been showing very
even form in his game of 14,000 up against the English
player, A. E. Williams, at Melbourne. While he has not
as yet put in many of the big breaks that characterized his
games last year, some of his work has been of a high

May.—The extraordinary performances of Lindrum in
his match with Williams, just concluded in Sydney, have
seriously raised the question among the billiardists whether
the Australasian champion —for Lindrum holds the title—is
not already the equal of Gray, whose wonderful breaks in
England have excited world-wide interest. On Saturday he
electrified the billiard world by compiling a break of 706,
of which 621 were made off the red.

June.—In the course of a level match with Reece here
yesterday (June 1) Lindrum made a break of 840, 678 of
which were scored off the red ball.

Later.—Yesterday (June 6) playing against Reece level
with Bonzoline balls, at Melbourne, Lindrum, the Australian
player, made a break of 1,239, 1,230 of which were off
the red ball.

Later.—Fred. Lindrum, Junr., the Australian champion
billiardist, has decided to leave for England next month.

He may go under engagement, for negotiations are now
taking place. Should these prove unsuccessful, he will go
as a free lance. He intends challenging Geo. Gray to play
on level terms. It is Lindrum’s intention to play Gray at
his own game—the losing hazards. The Australasian champion
is not only one of the world’s greatest all-round cueists,
but he has also made a special study of George Gray’s
methods, and has practised the strokes. He thinks he is
probably a better “long loser” player now than Gray.

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