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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : July, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : July, 1911

Reece in Melbourne

Reaching Melbourne on May 15, Reece stated to a Melbourne
Herald representative that his Australian visit would
not be of long duration, as he had to be back in London by
the beginning of next October. He would spend about a
month in Melbourne before going on to Sydney. He had
club engagements to fulfil during the first week.

At Port Said, on the journey out, he tried to get a practice
game, but the only table he could find had a cloth made
of blue blanket and cushions of bamboo. It was a freak
table. If you made a loser into the middle pocket the object
ball stopped dead when it reached the top cushion.

We understand that Lindrum’s break of 1,239 against
Reece at Melbourne was made with bonzoline balls.

Eight more tables are being added by Messrs. Burroughes
and Watts, Ltd., in the high-class billiard halls owned by
Mr. W. J. Sloan in such towns as Hull, Newcastle, Darlington,
Stockton, etc.

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