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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : September, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : September, 1911

Harverson and Inman in S. Africa

Although Harverson made a great effort to retrieve his
position in his match against Ferraro, he found that the
leeway he had fallen into was too much for him, and
eventually he was beaten by 2,782 points, the final scores
reading: Ferraro (receives 4,000), 16,000; Harverson
13,218. Harverson made one record break, his 499 just
beating William Mitchell’s previous South African record by
two points.

During the closing stages of the game Harverson accomplished
one of the greatest performances of his career in
scoring 1,357 points in seven completed innings and returning
an average of 108. The Transvaal Leader states that
it was clear that he was going “all out” in an effort to
beat the South African record break of 497 standing to the
credit of William Mitchell. Harverson, in his first attempt,
did not succeed in bettering the figures put up by Mitchell.

His progress came to an end at 426, when he was confronted
with an ugly red loser which proved too much for
him to surmount. A little later in the session he registered
a grand 362, and then at his third big attempt he succeeded
and compiled a flawless 499.

It was a typical Harverson break, containing many runs
of nursery cannons and much good all-round work “in the
country,” as well as plenty of clever top-of-the-table manipulation.

In its compilation was witnessed some of the
best billiards which have been seen in what was a memorable
match, with both men in turn on occasion at the very
top of their form. Harverson was never in difficulties until
he had passed the 400 mark. A grand run-through white
loser extricated him then from one tight corner. Later,
when 480, he was compelled to pot his opponent’s ball, with
no other possible shot presenting itself.

Left with the red ball alone available, Harverson had just
succeeded in beating Mitchell’s figures of 497 when a
wide screw loser at the middle pocket proved his undoing,
and he retired the holder of the new figures for South
Africa of 499.

Ferraro, who is 33 years of age, is entirely self-taught,
and has hitherto been without opportunities of meeting
really first-class cueists. The opinion of experienced players
in South Africa is that Frank Ferraro has a great future
before him in South Africa as he improves every time he
goes to the table, and he is bound to rapidly forge ahead if
he comes into contact with other leading players of the
Old Country.

Harverson has been doing good business in South Africa.
His cue competition has proved a great success with the
Colonial amateurs. In his big match at Johannesburg with
Ferraro, by the way, the interesting innovation was made
of admitting ladies free. The match was played with
crystalate balls.

Inman was to meet Ferraro in 18,000 up on August 21.
Inman and Harverson did not appear likely to meet, the
point of difference being the question of “start or no start.”

The second Reece-Lindrum match in Australia (mentioned
in the article “With Reece in Australia”) was won by
Lindrum by 861, the final scores being:—Lindrum, 16,000;
Reece, 15,139.

To make the two balls in croquet playing pursue required
courses, the mallet has merely to be aligned so as to bisect
the angle formed by two imaginary lines, one of which
passes through the centres of both balls, whilst the other
takes the intended direction of the rear ball. This may be
perfectly illustrated on the billiard table by placing two
balls, touching, in a line with a top corner pocket and
aiming midway between such pocket and the opposite corner
pocket, when both balls should disappear.

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