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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : September, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : September, 1911

Lindrum’s Coming Visit

At this early stage the possibilities of “sensations”
during 1911-12 appear to centre mainly around young Fred
Lindrum’s appearance on the scene. The question at once
arises- Is there a field for Lindrum’s abilities—as a redball
specialist of the Gray type, of course—or has that field
been already exhausted by his fellow-Australian? Well,
Lindrum is apparently willing to take his chance. And it
must not be forgotten that Lindrum is a very able exponent
of the all-round English game, and that when he is so
inclined he shuns the all-red route for whole sessions at
a time. Indeed, Lindrum appears to stand midway between
Gray and the English professionals in that he has some but
not all of Gray’s ability to score mammoth breaks off the
red, and some but not all of the English top-sawyers’ ability
to weave their way in and out of the intricacies of the topof-
the-table game. Lindrum should certainly “make good”
over here, and in estimating the possibilities of his success
from a box-office point of view, as an exponent of the red,
ball game, there is one point that is worth consideration,
and it is this. So far Gray has never yet met an opponent
who could make him gallop. Spectators have realised that
it must inevitably be a one-man show when Gray is playing
on level terms. And some have stayed away. But that
simply proves that an unequal contest is unpopular; it does
not necessarily prove that Gray’s game is unpopular. The
same people would stay away if, say, Stevenson went 18,000
up level with an obviously inferior opponent who would,
playing his usual game, aggregate 10,000. But a poor
“gate” at such a match would not go to show that Stevenson’s
charming game had lost its attraction; it would show
that the public stay away from matches the results of which
are foregone conclusions. Pit Gray against his equal as
a scoring force, or handicap him to bring him down to his
opponent, and then see whether the match would be popular.

—Half-Butt, in The Sporting Life.

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