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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : September, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : September, 1911

Our Readers in Council

Width of Pockets

Sir,—In the August issue of The Billiard Monthly, under
“Jottings of the Month” on page 2, the standard pocket is
given as 3 5/8 in.

If this is not a printer’s error for 3½ in., will you please
explain in your next issue when, and by whom, the size
was altered from 3½ in. at the fall of the slate, which has
been the measurement for some years past.


[We have referred this point to the Secretary of the Billiards
Control Club (Mr. Hamilton Pritchard), who kindly
writes to us:—”The term ‘fall of the slate’ is used because
the edge of the slate is rounded off on some tables and not
on others. The measurement of the templates across the
jaw is for the corner template 3 3/8in., and for the middle one

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