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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : October, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : October, 1911

Billiard Stories

The story is told that in the Piccadilly days, when fourteen
players were taking part in short games under John
Roberts’s management, the rumour got about that, owing
to the success of the experiment, the fees to the players were
to be increased, and Harverson was deputed to interview
the principal on the point. Roberts was writing and did
not look up. The following then occurred:—”Mr. Roberts,
there is an impression among the players that our fee for
winning a heat is to be increased from two to three
guineas!” “Harverson, that impression will soon wear

The late Duke of Edinburgh once induced Queen Victoria
to visit the billiard room, and explained the game with some
enthusiasm. He then went out for a shot and missed
everything. He was naturally annoyed, and this feeling
was accentuated when the calm inquiry came from Her
Majesty,—”And what do you score, Alfred, when you do
not touch a ball at all?”

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