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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : October, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : October, 1911

Jottings of the Month

  • In last month’s Billiard Monthly it was stated that Tothill
    had been included in the forthcoming Soho Square tournament.
    This was an error on the part of the writer of the
    paragraph, the selected player being Elphick, who, in
    common with Tothill, is an excellent young cueist.
  • At Pretoria, Melbourne Inman, in a match against J.
    Lloyd, of Pretoria, made a break of 545, which is a record
    for South Africa. The previous record breaks in South
    Africa were: W. Mitchell 497, and Cecil Harverson’s recent
    499. At the New Club, Johannesburg, Inman, playing an
    amateur, Mr. Max Nathan, scored 1,000 in seventy minutes.
  • Billiard followers will be pleased to know that Charles
    Dawson will be seen in public again and will begin the season
    with a match against W. A. Lovejoy at Leicester
    Square on October 2, to be followed by one against T. Aiken
    on November 14. Meanwhile Mrs. Dawson writes that her
    husband “has had no illness, but had to retire from his
    profession on account of the failure of his eyesight.”
  • Somewhat reminiscent of the old poser as to whether a
    pair of spectacles belongs to the eyes or the nose is a current
    dispute at Stoke, Staffordshire, as to whether a billiard
    table which was at the county police station in Stoke
    before Stoke was made a county borough now belongs to
    the county or the borough. The Chief Constable of the
    County thinks one thing and the Stoke Watch Committee
    another, and there at present the matter stands.
  • Miss Ruby Roberts has been playing Miss Collins at
    Leicester Square during the month and has had little difficulty
    in demonstrating her superiority. On September 20
    Miss Roberts made a break of 70, of which 54 were off the
    red, and on September 22 she eclipsed this with a fine all round
    break of 110.
  • The second Stevenson-Lindrum match of 18,000 up—
    Stevenson conceding 4,000 and breaks off the red being
    limited to 75—concluded at Sydney on September 2. The
    Englishman was in brilliant form throughout, and the final
    scores were:—Stevenson, 18,000; Lindrum, 13,702. In the
    match which ended at Melbourne a fortnight previously, the
    Australian was successful by 3,564 points.
  • In his five principal matches in Australia (whither he will
    return next winter) Reece scored 50,149 points and had
    51,487 scored against him. He beat Lindrum and Memmott
    once, and was beaten twice by Lindrum and once by
    Stevenson. His best breaks were 426, 386, and 379, and his
    average per innings for the five matches was something
    over 36.
  • An instructional target ball has been registered
    which has circles scored round it at intervals of a quarter
    of an inch from the edge and centre, and which must prove
    useful to the student when placed perpendicularly, as these
    four lines on each side of the centre and midway between
    each of them represent the only eight contacts (other than
    dead full) that have to be considered in billiards.
  • By means of the principle of his self-levelling bunk, Mr.
    W. G. Boonzaier, of Cape Colony, says he proposes to make
    possible the playing of billiards at sea, his intention being
    to make not alone the billiard table, but the entire room
    in which it is placed, so steady that one will be able to
    manipulate the cue on board ship with the same sureness
    as on land. The Billiard Monthly has already mentioned
    other recent ideas of this kind.
  • F. Lindrum, the “other” young Australian player,
    sailed from Sydney for England in the P. and O. s.s.
    Malwa, on the 19th September. He has made no match
    arrangements at present, but there would seem to be no
    real reason why Gray and he should not meet. By the way,
    Gray is leaving London for a tour in the West of England,
    and during November he will successively be at Southend
    and in the district of Newcastle. He is a free lance this
  • J. Easterman has been spoken of during the month as
    the finger billiards champion, but we believe that Mr. de
    Kuyper disputes this designation. Playing F. West (cueist)
    at the Colchester Temperance Club, Whitechapel, on September
    7, Easterman gave half the game in 1,000 up and
    won by 48. He made a break of 123 and is said to have
    made one of 1,400 and to have scored 353 in five and a half
    minutes. Perhaps this was off the top of the red over a
    pocket, by which means, however, even more could be
    scored in the time.
  • Gray has at last encountered defeat, and in an unexpected
    quarter. Playing two games at Stockton, with W. Smith,
    junr., a young Darlington newspaper linotypist, Smith
    scored actually more points than Gray in the 4,500 game
    (in which he received 2,250 start) and in a short game, in
    which he received only 400 in 1,500, he again won. The
    fact is Gray was feeling his way from crystalates to bonzolines,
    although, according to the “greater throw off” argument,
    he ought to find these easier than crystalates.
  • The opening match of the 1911-12 season (between Diggle
    and Aiken at Leicester Square) ended in a draw, the figures
    being: Diggle 17,626, Aiken (rec. 3,000) 17,433. Some great
    performances were put up by Diggle from time to time, but
    Aiken was remarkably good, and at the last session gave
    such a fine display that he scored more than 1,000 points in
    less than two hours. Then Diggle, for some reason, began
    to bang the balls about and the game was left drawn as
  • “Sport Junior,” writing in Vanity Fair, says:—”Using
    the county championship as a model, the enterprising promoters
    of the tournament have decided to allot two points
    to the player who is leading at the half-way stage, and
    three points for a win outright. In addition, there will be
    ‘merit marks’ for breaks. Will the M.C.C. return the
    compliment by annexing the ‘merit marks’ notion, and
    giving a point to every batsman who makes a century or
    two, as the case may be, in the county championship?”

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