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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : November, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : November, 1911

Jottings of the Month

  • A local Billiard Association is suggested for Leeds.
  • Lindrum is due to reach England on November 4. He
    meets Reece on January 22 at Manchester.
  • The proposed three matches of 18,000 up between Stevenson
    and Gray are not yet finally settled.
  • Miss Ruby Roberts will meet gentlemen amateurs at
    Leeds during the week commencing November 6.
  • Mr. Hamilton Pritchard, on joining the Council of the
    Billiards Control Club, has resigned the position of secretary.
  • Aiken is a greatly improved player since he had a billiard
    table installed in his own home. There would seem to be
    a moral here.
  • Inman has challenged the world, including Gray (if with
    ivories) and Reece is desirous of taking up the challenge.
  • Stevenson is not yet home.
  • W. Smith, Junr., who defeated Gray (whom he will
    shortly play again both at Darlington and Middlesbro’) beat
    G. Nelson level in 1,500 at Stockton by 340 points.
  • Playing in a match at Woolwich before leaving for Paris
    to take up his new appointment at the Travellers’ Club
    there, O. T. Owen made a break of 163, of which 51 were
    off the red ball.
  • A championship tournament in which representatives from
    the Colonies shall be included, is suggested. South Africa,
    Australia, and Ceylon would provide good players in
    Ferraro, Lindrum and Gray, and Perera.
  • The Stock Exchange Billiards Handicap commences at
    the Palmerston Restaurant on October 6. the Press Handicap
    at Messrs. Orme’s, Soho Square, on December 4, and
    the Manchester Charity Handicap at Manchester on Nov. 27.
  • Inman and Harverson have now returned from South
    Africa, where they did not meet, as Inman insisted on conceding
    Harverson a start. Both professionals seem to have
    had a satisfactory tour. Williams has also returned from
    his tour abroad.
  • Last month we said that Reece, when in Australia, beat
    Lindrum and Memmott once and was beaten twice by Lindrum
    and once by Stevenson. This should have read “beat
    Lindrum, Memmott, and Stevenson once, and was beaten
    twice by Lindrum.”
  • Anent finger billiard references in the last number, Mr.
    C. A. Beswick, of Hinton’s Billiard Rooms, Middlesbro’,
    writes us that William Melrose, of Middlesbro’, made 2,047
    (unfinished) in 18½ minutes on February 23, 1904, and
    would be prepared to concede any cueist half the game.
  • The new points’ system in the Soho Square professional
    tournament would already seem to have been justified, as
    some remarkably keen exchanges have been, and are being,
    experienced. The winners of heats thus far have been
    Elphick, Reece, and Diggle. In the amateur break competition
    a 50 has been made.

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