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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : November, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : November, 1911

Municipal Billiards

Still another commercial step is to be taken by the Battersea
Borough Council, this time in the direction of municipal
billiards. Finding that the management of three municipal
billiard tables at competitive prices is proving popular to
some residents, if not with rate payers who partially obtain
a living from billiards, the Baths Committee of the Council
have decided to hire one more table.

Already there are three municipal billiard tables in winter
use at Battersea—two at the Latchmere Road Baths and
another in Plough Road. As they are hired at very cheap
rates their popularity with players is assured. The new
table is to be placed in the public recreation room, into
which the Latchmere Road Baths will be converted for the
winter months.

Municipal billiards are not new to Battersea, as they have
existed since the days of the old vestry. but the number of
tables has been slowly increasing. Several years ago the
Local Government Board auditor refused, at first, to allow
the charge for a new billiard table; but Mr. John Burns
gave the matter his attention, and, on the grounds that the
billiard tables were self-supporting in Battersea, remitted the

Municipal provision is also made in the borough for boxing
entertainments, and the Baths Committee have given
directions for a. reconstruction of the portable boxing stage
at the Latchmere Road Baths at an estimated cost of £26
16s. 7d.

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