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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : November, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : November, 1911

The Newest Book on Billiards

Charles Roberts’s contribution under the title of “The
Complete Billiard Player” to Messrs. Methuen’s “Complete” Series, is reminiscent in its size and scope of the fine
volume entitled “Billiards” by Joseph Bennett (edited by
“Cavendish”) that was published by Thomas De La Rue &
Co. in 1873. It is of the same large octavo size and runs
to about the same goodly number of pages, say, 500. There
have been numerous works on the game in recent years,
but no more valuable addition to the library of the billiard
lover or student has at any time been made than the impressive
and fully-illustrated volume that is now asking for

In the course of its thirty-four chapters “The Complete
Billiard Player” (the price of which is 10s. 6d, net) contains
285 stroke diagrams and 27 photographs mainly illustrating
the right and the wrong way of addressing one’s-self
to the strokes. Mr. Roberts is nothing if not practical,
and his advice is uniformly good and sound. Here, for
example, are a few pithy sentences selected out of many:
Strokes are made by the feet almost as much as by the

Billiards requires brains which may be useless elsewhere.

Don’t grip the cue at all, not even a little.

Get opposite In rill your strokes, and hit the cue ball in
the middle.

Thence the student is led pleasantly and informatively
through half-ball play, forcing strokes, side, screwing, potting,
cushion cannons, follow strokes, jennies, close cannons,
masse and pique strokes, drag, strength, touch, baulks
and baulk disturbance, besides being; initiated into top of the
table play and scientific break-making.

Altogether it is a book that can hardly fail to rank as a
billiard classic.

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