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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : December, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : December, 1911

Jottings of the Month

  • In the early part of this month there will be what may
    be termed” grand billiards “in London, for Stevenson meets
    Gray level at the Holborn Hall, and Reece and Inman meet
    in a level money match at Leicester Square. The Reece
    Inman match is the result of Inman’s general challenge,
    mentioned in The Billiard Monthly last month, and Reece
    has also challenged any man in the world, and especially
    Stevenson, at English billiards, on level terms, for £100 per
    side, the winner to take all the gate receipts.
  • When Reece was playing Harverson recently he commenced
    by carrying a suspended 13 to 297, and it was then
    discovered by Harverson that he had been playing with the
    wrong ball, and Harverson humorously suggested that as
    the break had been made with his ball he ought to score it.
  • Lindrum, the young Australian champion, is now in
    England, and will be entertained on the 13th instant
    at luncheon by the Council of the Billiards Control Club.
  • He has been practising himself into form during the month
    and commenced a fortnight’s exhibition match against local
    professionals at Liverpool on the 27th ult. On Boxing Day
    he will begin an eleven days’ match against Reece at
    Leicester Square, followed on January 8th by a match at
    the same place against Inman. In February he tours
    Scotland and meets there the Scottish champion, Aiken.
  • Thus far George Gray has only been beaten in this country
    by Diggle and young Smith, of Darlington, but he has
    been beaten by the latter player two or three times. At
    Redcar, on November 24, Smith actually scored 1,100 points
    to Gray’s 498. On the other hand, at Darlington, Gray
    made 1,500 to Smith’s 346, and at West Hartlepool 1,500
    to Smith’s 973. Gray conceded Smith 400, but the foregoing
    are the net figures representing the actual points
    scored. In the Diggle-Gray match, however, Diggle scored
    50 fewer actual points than Gray.
  • In the next professional championship the winner will
    take half the receipts instead of two-thirds, as last year.
    The championship will again by fought out by Stevenson,
    Inman, and Reece, the two latter meeting in the first
    instance. During the month Inman has beaten Diggle by
    8,000 to 4,126 and Reece has beaten the same great player
    by 8,000 to 6,933. Meeting Stevenson in the tournament
    Inman was successful by 8,000 to 4,205. Doubtless
    the previous play with composition balls by both Diggle
    and Stevenson had much to do with their low scoring on
    these occasions. At the same time such out-and-out wins
    have naturally been very gratifying to the younger players,
    who will, it is quite certain, be representative In the near
    future of all that is best in English billiards.
  • Stevenson reached England on November 10 after his five
    months’ tour through Australia, New Zealand, and Canada,
    in which he was accompanied by his wife.
  • The Jockeys’ Handicap, held at the Victoria Hotel, ended
    in a victory by 13 for the ex-champion jockey, E. Wheatley,
    whose opponent in the final was R. Stokes, who received
    a start of 55 against the winner’s 8.

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