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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : February, 1912

The Billiard Monthly : February, 1912

Some Professional Championship Results

The professional championship of Liverpool was won by
Collens after a close game with Pearson.

In the Cardiff Professional Championship, T. Carpenter
has gained the principal prize with eight consecutive wins.

The players were—T. Carpenter (rec. 85), J. A. Llewellin
(Welsh champion), E. T. Millwood (rec. 80), A. E. Hannam
(rec. 70), J. Coverley (rec. 120), F. Clifford (rec. 140),
J. Ball (rec. 40), G. Toxworth (rec. 60), R. S. Smith (rec.
140), A. Turner (rec. 230).

Pindar beat Raynor for the Yorkshire Professionals’
Championship with 8,000 to 7,932. Previously Nelson had
beaten Bree and Hughes, and Raynor had beaten Bailey
and Nelson. This is the first time the Yorkshire championship
has produced a close finish. In the first competition in
1908 C. H. Wilkinson beat F. W. Hughes by over 1,100.

In 1909 Nelson beat Wilkinson by over 1,300, and E. C.
Breed by over 700 points in 1910. Last year Pindar beat
Nelson by over 900.

The Billiard Association has informed Inman that the
Professional Championship Cup, held by him, now becomes
his own property.

In the Professional Tournament at the Soho Square Salon
during January, Diggle has increased his points from 11 to
21 by defeating Stevenson and Elphick, and Aiken and
Harverson have increased theirs by five each by defeating
Mack and Elphick respectively.

The final game in the Inter-Club Snooker Pool competition
for the Billiards Control Club Challenge Cup was
played at the club headquarters between the Wellington
Club, represented by the Earl of Lanesborough and Mr. A.
Hatchard, and the Junior Athenaeum, the former winning
by 74 points.

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