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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : March, 1912

The Billiard Monthly : March, 1912

Some Amateur Championship Results


A. E. Graham 1,000, v. W. J. Hart 994.

V. R. Gill 1,000, v. G. A. Skelton 828.

V. R. Gill 1,000, v. W. R. Wall 959.

A. W. T. Good 1,000 v. A.” Shaw “675.

A. W. T. Good 1,000, v. W.” Duke “507.

C. H. Mortimer 1,000, v. R. H. Now 930.

A. W. Sellar 1,000, v. J. G. Taylor 846.

A. W. Sellar 1,000, v. V. R. Gill 593.

A. W. Sellar 1,000, v. J. S. Stafford 909.

A. W. Sellar 1,000, v. F. C. Duell. 906.

A. “Shaw” 1,000, v. G. W. S. Willins 714.

A. “Shaw” 1,000, v. B. J. Munro 964.

J. S. Stafford 1,000. v. A. R. Hurley 568.

J. G. Taylor 1,000, V. C. H. Mortimer 897.

J. G. Taylor 1,000, v. A. L. Onslow 500.

J. G. Taylor 1,000 v. A. W. T. Good 855.

W. R. Wall 1.000. v. A. E. Graham 976.

W. R. Wall 1,000 v. G. J. Calder 826.

G. W. S. Willins 1,000, v. S. L. Mann 905.


H. Coleman 1,000. v. F. Geary 791.

W. Foster (Birkenhead) 1,000, v. W. A. Crouch (Blundellsands)

F. Geary (Walton) 1,000, v. J. Nield (Kirkdale) 903.

H. L. Golborne 1,000, v. J. Roberts 911.

H. L.. Golborne (N. Brighton) 1,000, v. H. Coleman 734.

T. Owen (Birkenhead) 1.000, V. W. H. Pearson (Walton)

T. Owen (B’head) 1,000, v. W. Foster (Birkenhead) 661.

T. Owen (Birkenhead) 1,000, v. H. L. Golborne (New
Brighton) 693.

W. H. Pearson (Walton) 1,000, v. E. A. V. Coleman
(Bootle) 925.


A. Anderson (Glasgow) 1,000, v. J. Williamson (Glasgow)

R. Blair (Edinburgh) 1,000, v. T. Brash (Helensburgh)

R. Blair (Edinb.) 1,000, v. A. Croneen (Edinburgh) 659.

R. Blair (Edinburgh) 1,000, v. J. Hogg (Glasgow) 853.

T. Brash (Helensburgh) 1,000, v. W. Anderson (Glasgow)

J. Clark (Glasgow) 1,000, v. A. T. Allan (Galston) 813.

A. Croneen (Edinburgh) 1,000, v. J. Black (Kilmarnock)

A. Croneen (Edinburgh) 1,000, v. T. Gill (Portobello) 767.

Major Fleming (the holder) 2,000, v. J. Forrest (Kilmarnock)

J. Forrest (Kilmarnock) 1,000, v. R. Blair (Edinburgh)

J. Forrest (Kilm’k) 1,000. v. M. Smith (Edinburgh) 966.

J. Forrest (Kilm’k) 1,000, v. T. P. Millar (Edinb.) 720.

T. Gill (Portobello) 1,000, v. J. Johnstone (Cambuslang)

M. Smith (Edinburgh) 1,000, v. T. Beattie (Glasgow)

M. Smith (Edinb.) 1,000, v. A. Anderson (Glasgow) 674.


F. B. Burke 1,000. v. T. L. Plunkett 651.

W. M. Davidson 1,000, v. J. Collie 902.

A. T. Marsh 1,000, v. J. Singleton 467.

A. T. Marsh (Dublin) 1,000, v. J. S. Murray (Belfast)

J. O’Connell 1,000. v. T. Singleton 997.

J. O’Connell 1,000. v. T. Singleton 997.

[It will be seen that the unbeaten London, Northern, and
Scottish representatives are A. W. Sellar, T. Owen, and Major Fleming]

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