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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : April, 1912

The Billiard Monthly : April, 1912

Jottings of the Month


  • The B.A. amateur championship has again gone to Mr. H. C.
    Virr, who beat Major Fleming by 3,000 to 2,993. Virr had previously
    beaten Thomas (the Welsh champion) by 2,000 to 1,458 and
    Owen (the northern representative who beat Sellar the London
    victor) by 2,000 to 736. Major Fleming had previously accounted
    for the Irish champion (Nugent) to the extent of 2,000 to 1,220.
  • In the final heat of the Stock Exchange Handicap, A. Morris
    (rec. 25) beat R. Saunders (rec. 30) by 250 to 138. Following
    this, R. G. Candy (scratch) and P. Wood (owed 300) played off
    for third and fourth prizes, and Candy won by 250 to 223.
  • Excellent golf practice, under the superintendence of experienced
    professionals, is now to be had in the large basement beneath
    the Billiards Control Club premises, Great Windmill Street,
    which has been cleverly laid out with nets, bunkers, and a substitute
    for sward.
  • In a billiards match at the Cowes Conservative Club, against
    Capt. J. Goodwin, Mr. Walter Tiller, who is a well-known
    Hants. County footballer, compiled a break of 143, the highest
    yet made by an amateur in the Isle of Wight.
  • The London Charity Handicap was concluded on March 21
    when, in 300 up, Mr. H. Shackleton (rec. 130) beat Mr. H. R.
    Fuller (owed 30) by 10.
  • At a meeting of the council of the Billiards Control Club, held
    on March 15, the question as to the referee’s or marker’s duties
    in informing the striker as to which was his ball was discussed,
    and, although it was not on the agenda, it was decided by the
    majority of those present “That the referee or marker must on
    appeal inform the striker which is his ball.”
  • The annual contests in connection with the Liverpool Amateur
    Billiard Association have resulted as follows:—Liverpool Amateur
    Championship: 1, F. Scott; 2, E. A. Coleman; highest break,
    T. Owen. Charity Handicap: 1, Eli Pierce, jun.; 2, I. Roberts;
    equal 3, H. Coleman and F. Geary; break prize, T. Owen. Flying
    Handicap (spectators only): 1, T. Burns; 2, P. Russell.
  • The final of the Inter-Hospital Billiard Championship was
    decided at the Billiard Control Club rooms, Great Windmill
    Street, W., on March 16, when St. Bartholomew’s (holders) beat
    Guy’s by two games to one. The heats were 400 up, with
    teams of three, to count on the aggregate. Final scores:—
    St. Bartholomew’s, 1,106; Guy’s, 891.
  • The amateur championship of Hull has been won by Mr. F.
    Grant with 1,000 against Mr. J. Morley 755.
  • The finalists for the Cambridge University Cue were both old
    half-Blues. D. W. Ellis (Repton and Clare) playing as first string
    against Oxford twelve months ago, and H. C Lloyd (St.
  • Laurence School, Ramsgate, and Trinity) being third string on
    that occasion. Scores:—Lloyd, 500; Ellis, 444. In the Inter-
    University match Cambridge won two “strings” out of three.
  • The final for the Oxford University Challenge Cue was played
    on March 14 between L. D. Womersley (University) and G. F.
  • Schwerdt (New College). Result:—L. D. Womersley (University),
    500; G. F. Schwerdt (New College), 315. Time, 2 hours.
  • The Press Handicap resulted as follows:—First prize, T. A.
    Edge; second, E. A. Bland; third, G. Kreiner; fourth, R. A.
    Cheffins; fifth, V. M. Mansell; sixth, C. V, Diehl; seventh, W.
    G. Clifford; eighth, D. Ross Williams.


  • The championship match between Inman and Reece, which
    terminated on March 30 at Holborn Hall, proved rather a hollow
    and uninteresting contest, Inman winning by several thousand
  • An outstanding feature in the Professional Tournament has
    been Aiken’s good play. He has only narrowly lost to Reece
    and Inman, and has beaten Stevenson, Diggle, Harverson, Mack,
    and Elphick.
  • B. Elphick (2,000) beat T. A. Dennis (1,417) in the final heat
    of the Billiard Professional (Markers’) Championship.
  • John Roberts and Melbourne Inman have come to an agreement
    to play a match of 18,000 up level on a three-inch pocket
    table, commencing May 6. Roberts states that he is prepared
    to play for £500 a side. Roberts is also willing to meet Gray
    with three-inch pockets and any class of ball, the whole, or
    two-thirds, of the gate to go to the winner.
  • W. J. Peall has offered Gray a match for £100 or £200 spot
  • A curious match in which much interest was taken came off
    on March 28 at Messrs. Burroughes and Watts’ Salon, Soho
    Square, when George Clarke (professional at the Junior Carlton
    Club) beat by sixteen points only in 1,200 up J. Jevons (professional
    at the Royal Automobile Club), who played without
    bridge or rest (other than the cushion) and was conceded an
    innings in every three.
  • W. Smith, of Darlington (who made a 501 break in his recent
    match against Harris) announces that he is prepared, apart from
    any other engagement, to meet Stevenson or Gray in a game of
    18,000, with bonzoline balls, provided he receives 6,000, for £250
    aside, the winner to take two-thirds or three-fourths of the gate
    receipts. Meanwhile, he is likely to play Newman level in London
    for £100 aside, 16,000 points up. During the past month, Newman
    has been playing interesting matches against amateurs in
  • Glasgow has had the opportunity of seeing a repetition of the
    Gray-Stevenson encounters at London and Liverpool, arrangements
    having been made for a week’s game in the Prince’s
    Billiard Room. The game was one of 9,000 up, and in the course
    of it Gray made a break of 890.
  • Edward Diggle and Cecil Harverson leave for Australia on
    Tuesday, May 7. They will play at Colombo on Saturday, May
    25, and arrive at Melbourne on June 10, playing there for one
    week, June 10 to 15. On Sunday, June 16, they travel to Sydney.
  • T. Rae’s backer (Mr. M. Jackson) has challenged T. Reece
    to a week’s snooker pool.
  • International pocketless billiards has been proceeding in Paris
    during the month.
  • In the final for the Victoria Club Committee Cup W. Sibary
    (187) with 300 beat J. Godbold (150) with 281.
  • In the Beaufort Club handicap Mr, Cripps beat Mr. Wiseman
    by 200 to 172.

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