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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : May, 1912

The Billiard Monthly : May, 1912

Jottings of the Month


  • Reece sailed in the Orient liner Orvieto from Tilbury on
    April 26 on his second tour to Australia. He will break his
    journey at Colombo, and after touring the Australian States
    he will cross over to New Zealand. Reece purposes returning
    home via Vancouver and Canada.
  • Arrangements have been completed for a world’s tour by
    H. W. Stevenson and George Gray. They will leave
    Southampton on May 18 for South Africa, where they hope
    to visit all the important towns, and will also proceed to
    Rhodesia if time permits. Leaving South Africa in September,
    they will arrive in India in readiness for the winter
    season, and will remain there until March, afterwards going
    to Australia. Opening in Western Australia in April, they
    will afterwards proceed to South Australia, thence to Victoria,
    and on to New Zealand, returning to England for the
    season of 1913-14.
  • The verdict in the Roberts v. Gray case for £1,500 stands
    pending an appeal. the Lord Chief Justice having decided
    against the defendant on the two points of law as to misrepresentation
    and infancy.
  • This week W. J. Peall, the famous spot-stroke champion,
    is playing his son, A. F. Peall, at Leicester Square in aid
    of the Titanic Fund, the spot-stroke being allowed.
  • Playing against Mack in the Professional Tournament,
    Stevenson scored 751 points in 50 minutes. One innings of
    the two played accounted for 536—the third of over 500 in
    successive games and the average for the session was 375.
  • As the result of the Inman-Diggle match, in which Diggle
    (rec. 1,000) won by 444, Diggle wins the £250 aside stakes
    and wagers, including those relating to the making of the
    most breaks above 300 and too. This was Inman’s first
    defeat of the season—unless his defeat in the 300 up against
    Diggle during the Titanic Fund benefit entertainment at
    Soho Square is to be counted.
  • On the occasion of a new billiard table and room being
    opened in Tenby, Claude Falkiner played two games of
    600 up, against local amateurs, conceding 400 in each game.
  • In the first game he made breaks of 173, 81, and 61, and in
    the second 118, 106 (102 off red), 112, 58 and 152, winning
    both games.
  • Fred Lindrum, jun., the young Australian billiard champion,
    accompanied by his father, sailed in the P. & O. liner
    Morea from Tilbury for Australia on April 19. He may
    possibly return in the autumn.
  • A young Leeds player, named Harry Taylor, who has
    only just reached his fifteenth birthday, is said by the
    Yorkshire professional, George Nelson, to have already made
    breaks of 453 and 441 with ivory balls on a standard table.
  • He also ran out with a 300 break recently when playing
    against the amateur champion, Mr. Virr. Like Gray, his
    strong feature is red-ball play. He was born at Bradford,
    but is now resident at Leeds.
  • The Billiards Association is converting itself into a limited
    liability company as a protection in case of libel suits.


  • A very interesting billiard match of 750 up, between Mr.
    W. R. Wall (junior champion of Surrey and Mr. Oldfield,
    of Maiden, was played at the Victoria Hotel, Surbiton. The
    final scores were 750—515 in favour of Mr. Wall, who made
    best breaks of 48, 49, 89, and 79. (unfinished), against Mr.
    Oldfield’s best of 50.
  • For the Navy and Army Billiard Championship, the
    majority of the final games are being played locally. One of the
    semi-finals will be played at Aldershot, and the other at
    Portsmouth. The finalists will play their game at the Grand
    Hall, Leicester Square.
  • At the Billiards Control Club, on April 11, H. C. Virr, the
    English and British amateur champion, met A. Hatchard
    in a game of 500 up for the club championship. Virr winning
    for the third consecutive year. Hatchard led at 152 to
    65. but Virr went in front at 168, and a little later the game
    was called “348 all.” Virr made breaks of 37, 67, 37, 62,
    and 47 (unfinished), and Hatchard contributed items of 39,
    58, 31, and 48. Virr averaged 12½. Final scores,: Virr, 500:
    Hatchard, 425.
  • Mr. Robert Crichton, of Caterham, who celebrated his
    100th birthday on April 3. enjoyed a game of billiards, of
    which he is very fond, the same day. He is descended from
    the Crichtons of Cluny, the same branch as the” Admirable
    Crichton. “r. Crichton, who claims to be the oldest
    bachelor in England, received a gracious letter of congratulation
    from the King.
  • The competition confined to the various Metropolitan
    Borough offices for a challenge cup presented by Messrs.
    Kendal & Dent, was brought to a successful conclusion on
    April 19th at Mannock’s Rooms, at the Bedford Head Hotel,
    Tottenham Court Road, Marylebone. H. H. Holmes, 300;
    T. Kennett, 208; E. Hocken, 300—total, 808. Camberwell—
    A. R. Bryant, 270; D. J. Fenner, 300; J. H. Cocken,
    215—total, 785.
  • The president of the Edinburgh Working Men’s Club
    has presented the members with a handsome billiards championship
    shield for annual scratch competition.
  • The final of the Birmingham and District Licensed Victuallers’
    Billiard League tournament, between F. Hadley
    (rec. 200) and Charles Sayers (rec. 570), was played on
    April 2. The game was 800 up, and resulted in a victory
    for Sayers by 161 points.
  • The two scratch players of the Conservative clubs of
    Hanover Park and Crystal Palace Road met at Hanover
    Park on April 3, before a crowded attendance, in a game of
    600 up. There was much excitement as Mr. Dickets led
    by 573 to 469, and Mr. Diehl, of the Hanover Park Club,
    then put on a brilliant break of 128, ultimately winning by
    20 points.
  • Residents of Twickenham have decided to make a presentation
    to Melbourne Inman, the billiard champion, to commemorate
    his success.

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