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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : May, 1912

The Billiard Monthly : May, 1912

Titanic Fund Entertainment at Soho Square

Nothing could well have been more delightful in its way
than the three or four hours’ high-class billiard entertainment
given at Messrs. Burroughes & Watts’s Soho Square
Salon on Friday last, when ten leading players, mostly of
first rank, and all cleverly handicapped and “timed” by
Mr. J. W. Mannock, met in short games scarcely one of
which furnished a dull moment. Harverson, grace largely
to a faultless 182 break, beat Elphick (rec. 40) in 250 up
by 169; Cook, in another 250, made a 104, but beat Mack
by only 21; Stevenson and Aiken (rec. 50) ran neck and
neck in a brilliant 350, which would have given Aiken
the victory without the start of one only; Sparrow gave Mr.
L. Stroud (who kindly filled up a game) little to do in a
100 up in which he made 75 and 24; and Diggle, in beating
Inman by 300 to 87, delighted the spectators by a long
spell of chess-like top-end play in a break of 113. Midway
in the programme George Gray performed a series of
amazing fancy strokes and trick shots which aroused continuous
interest and a hearty cheer at the end.

As the result of this entertainment the sum of about £70
will, we understand, be handed over to the Lord Mayor’s

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