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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : June, 1912

The Billiard Monthly : June, 1912

Jottings of the Month

  • In the Stock Exchange final the holder (Mr. Colin Smith)
    was just defeated by Mr. W. H. L. Goolden by 1,000 to
    999. Mr. Smith’s best break was 69 and Mr. Goolden’s 74.
  • The Stock Exchange Snooker Handicap was won by Mr. P.
    Harwitz, who opposed in the final Mr. R. Tubbs (rec. 7).
  • The Gray-Stevenson tour of the world, which will extend
    over eighteen months, commenced on May 18, when the
    party left by the boat train from Waterloo at 11.30 for
    Southampton, whence they sailed by the Union Castle
    steamer for South Africa.
  • The death is announced on May 12 of Mr. Lauriston
    Fraser, of the firm of Messrs. Fraser Bros., ball-turners,
    Denmark Street, Charing Cross Road. The funeral was at
    Highgate Cemetery.
  • In the final of the invitation handicap of 250 up for 64
    players, at the Palace Hotel, Southend, Mr. A. R. Wisdom
    (owes 175) beat Mr. Saunders (rec. 50) by 125, after making
    breaks of 78, 48, and 36 in succession.
  • The stay of execution in the Roberts-Gray action was
    removed on the understanding that the defendant’s right to
    appeal was not to be thereby prejudiced.
  • In challenging anyone in the world on behalf of Newman,
    for early in next season, John Roberts stipulates that “a
    strict standard table shall be erected two weeks prior to the
    match commencing.” To this Smith replies that he will
    gladly play Newman again for any amount, but adds:—
    “Surely Mr. Roberts does not infer that the table on which
    we played our last game had not standard pockets? I
    understand the table was tested and passed by the B.C.C.,
    and that the whole tournament was played on it.”
  • At Richmond, on May 28, M. Inman was locally presented
    with a handsome silver tea and coffee service in
    recognition of his winning of the Championship of English
    billiards. The presentation was made by the Mayor of
  • In an “all-in” match with his son, W. J. Peall made a
    break of 675. A. F. Peall, by the way, scored 7,000 points,
    whilst his father was scoring 7,041, and has displayed on
    other occasions this season signs of great advancement in
    the quality of his game.
  • An interesting markers’ tournament will be proceeding at
    the Soho Square Salon during June.
  • Mr. R. S. Blease, of Liverpool, who, at the age of 87 has
    just celebrated his diamond wedding, won a club billiard
    handicap in Liverpool two years ago.
  • The manager of the billiard room at the Sydenham Palace
    Hotel, Coventry, relates how, some years ago, he played 15
    up on a miniature table, at the King’s Theatre, Gateshead,
    in a lion’s den, in which two lions, under the watchful eye
    of their trainer, Miss Ella, were perched on stools. The
    play was poor, and one of the lions frequently expressed his
  • T. Aiken, the Scottish champion, has received many
    felicitations upon his well-earned Professional Tournament
    victory in London. Re-entering the Tournament after an
    absence from it following less successful demonstrations of
    his skill, he abundantly justified himself and earned unstinted
    all-round praise. We believe he will tour in South
    Africa and Australia next year, meeting Ferrara, Mitchell,
    Lindrum, and perhaps Stevenson and Gray.
  • Mr. Harry Gray is of opinion that it is unreasonable and
    unfair to compare his boy’s work when using bonzoline
    with his play when using crystalate, without explaining that
    his experience of the former make of ball is limited to as
    many months as his experience of the other extends over
    years. At the same time the fact may be noted that W.
    Smith, at practically his first experiences of the still more
    difficult ivories made a break of 736 off them.
  • W. Cook writes:—”I would propose that amateurs be
    allowed to play professionals in matches at which a charge
    is made for admission. Many clubs and hotels would then
    be able to arrange exhibition matches and make a financial
    success of them.” The Billiard Monthly cordially agrees.
    Until this is done a two hundred break by an amateur will
    remain in the lap of the gods.
  • The adoption by the Billiard Association of limited liability
    protection against libel actions is criticised by The
    Winning Post, which says:—”They should stand like men
    to the guns they themselves pattern. They are fabricators
    of rules, hence they should not conspire to shirk liability as
    may be decided against them by a judge and a jury of their
  • The fact that the King recently built a very fine billiard
    room at York Cottage and is desirous that his sons shall
    become first-rate players has made Society take a new interest
    in billiards. King George is known sometimes to go
    after dinner to the billiard room and teach his sons some
    stroke in the game, which he himself plays very well.
  • Mr. Alfred Hills, a well-known Scarboro’ amateur billiard
    player, left for Philadelphia on May 21, a large number
    of friends assembling at the station to bid him farewell.
  • At the Constitutional Club, on May 20. Mr. Hills was
    presented with an illuminated address and a purse of £15.
  • M. Inman left by the eleven o’clock boat train from Victoria
    on May 29 for Toulon, where he embarked on the
    Orient liner Otway for Australia. Inman, who intends returning
    home via Vancouver and Canada, will be away
    about four months. He will play both Reece and Inman
    in Australia.
  • Not contented with Gray, Newman, and others, W.
    Smith, Junr., has now added a victory over M. Inman in a
    short game to his sheaf of successes. Playing the champion
    at the Castle Hotel, Richmond, on Tuesday, May 28, the
    young cueist received 100 start in 600 up, but won by no
    fewer than 301 points, making breaks of 108, 89 (unfinished),
    53, 51, and 50, while Inman’s best were 53, 50,
    and 33.

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