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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : June, 1912

The Billiard Monthly : June, 1912


A class of shot that can be profitably practised on the
baulk line is the short range screw stroke. Place the red
ball on the centre spot and the cue ball on the circumference
of the D in a direct line behind. Strike low, aiming
exactly half-ball, and the cue ball will travel precisely along
the baulk line to the side cushion. This is what is
called a right-angle screw, and it is difficult, no matter
how hard the stroke, to screw more than this with a halfball
contact. Aim rather fuller than half-ball and the side
cushion will be struck between the baulk line and the pocket,
aim mid-way between edge and centre, and the cue ball
will enter the corner pocket; aim nearly full and the bottom
cushion will be struck between its centre and the pocket;
aim dead full, and the ball will come straight back to the
centre of the bottom cushion. Finer than half-ball contacts
can now be practised from the same position. Aim a quarter
of an inch fine and the side cushion will be struck above
the baulk line; aim half an inch fine and the side cushion
will be struck still higher; aim three-quarters of an inch
fine and the point reached will be higher still, but not quite
so high as the middle pocket which is a half-ball shot with
top from the position described.

In making all classes of screw strokes the essential thing
to do is to drive the cue well past the spot on which the
object ball lies. A screw stroke is really a reversed “follow,”
or “top,” stroke, and the cue should flow through
the ball in precisely the same way, except that, at the very
moment of contact—but not before—it may be pinched
between the thumb and forefinger. Splendid way can be
got on the ball by this method and it is a great pleasure, in
a straight drawback, to see the cue ball ripple towards one
full of life and motion.

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