English Amateur Billiards Association

Professional Champions


Details2010 OctoberMike RussellDhruv Sitwala1,7381,204
Details2009 SeptPankaj AdvaniMike Russell2,0301,253
Details2008 JulyMike RussellGeet Sethi1,8211,342
Details2007 JulyMike RussellChris Shutt2,1661,710
2006 MarchGeet SethiLee Lagan2,0931,057
Details2005 MarchChris ShuttMike Russell1,6201,365
Details2004 MarchMike RussellDavid Causier2,4021,349
Details2003 AprilMike RussellPeter Gilchrist64
2002 MayMike RussellPeter Gilchrist2,2511,273
2001 AprPeter GilchristMike Russell1,287863
1999 AugMike RussellPeter Gilchrist2,000832
1998 SepGeet SethiMike Russell1,4001,015
1996 SepMike RussellGeet Sethi2,5341,848
1995 SepGeet SethiDevendra Joshi1,661931
1994 OctPeter GilchristMike Russell1,539645
1993Geet SethiMike Russell2,1391,140
1992 SepGeet SethiMike Russell2,529718
1991Mike RussellRobby Foldvari1,352957
1989Mike RussellPeter Gilchrist2,2421,347
1988Norman DagleyEddie Charlton74
1987Norman DagleyRobby Foldvari31
1986Robby FoldvariNorman Dagley31
1985Ray EdmondsNorman Dagley31
1984 MarMark WildmanEddie Charlton1,0451,012
1983Rex WilliamsFred Davis1,500605
1982 MarRex WilliamsMark Wildman3,0001,785
1980 NovFred DavisMark Wildman3,0372,064
1980 MayFred DavisRex Williams5,9784,452
1976Rex WilliamsEddie Charlton9,1055,149
1974 SepRex WilliamsEddie Charlton7,0174,916
1973 SepRex WilliamsJack Karnehm8,3604,336
1973 JanLeslie DriffieldAlbert Johnson9,2044,696
1971Rex WilliamsBernard Bennett9,2504,058
1971 JunLeslie DriffieldJack Karnehm9,0294,342
1968Rex WilliamsClark McConachy5,4995,234
1951Clark McConachyJohn Barrie9,2946,691
1934Walter LindrumJoe Davis23,55322,678
1933Walter LindrumJoe Davis21,81521,121
1932Joe DavisClark McConachy25,16119,259
1930Joe DavisTom Newman20,19820,117
1929Joe DavisTom Newman18,00017,219
1928Joe DavisTom Newman16,00014,874
1927Tom NewmanJoe Davis16,00014,763
1926Tom NewmanJoe Davis16,0009,505
1925Tom NewmanTom Reece16,00010,092
1924Tom NewmanTom Reece16,00014,845
1923Willie SmithTom Newman16,00015,180
1922Tom NewmanClaude Falkiner16,00015,167
1921Tom NewmanTom Reece16,00010,744
1920Willie SmithClaude Falkiner16,00014,500
1919Mel InmanHarry Stevenson16,0009,468
1914Mel InmanTom Reece18,00012,826
1913Mel InmanTom Reece18,00016,627
1912Mel InmanTom Reece18,0009,675
1911Harry StevensonMel lnman18,00016,914
1910 OctHarry StevensonMel Inman18,00016,907
1909 MarMel InmanAlbert Williams9,0007,662
1909 AprHarry Stevenson
(Declared Champion)
1908Mel Inman(Declared )
1903 MarCharles DawsonHarry Stevenson9,0008,700
1901 NovHarry Stevenson(Declared
1901 AprCharles DawsonHarry Stevenson9,0005,796
1901 JanHarry StevensonCharles Dawson9,0006,406
1900 AprCharles DawsonHarry Stevenson9,0006,775
Details1899 JanCharles DawsonJohn North9,0004,715
Details1894 JanBilly MitchellCharles Dawson9,0008,163
Details1893 FebBilly MitchellJohn North9,0007,525
Details1892 AprWilliam PeallBilly Mitchell5,0001,755
Details1892 AprBilly MitchellJohn North3,0002,697
Details1891 MarWilliam Peall
Details1890 FebWilliam Peall
Details1889 JanBilly Mitchell
Details1888 MarWilliam PeallBilly Mitchell15,0005,753
Details1887 OctBilly MitchellWilliam Peall15,00013,733
Details1885 MarJohn Roberts jnr.William Cook3,0002,908
Details1885 JunJohn Roberts jnr.Joseph Bennett3,0001,360
Details1885 FebJohn Roberts jnr
Details1881 SepWilliam Cook
Details1881 JanJoseph BennettTom Taylor1,000910
Details1880 NovJoseph BennettWilliam Cook1,000949
Details1878 JulWilliam Cook
Details1877 MayJohn Roberts jnr.William Cook1,000779
Details1876 AprWilliam Cook
Details1875 MayJohn Roberts jnr.William Cook1,000837
Details1875 DecJohn Roberts jnr.William Cook1,000865
Details1874 FebWilliam CookJohn Roberts jnr.1,000784
Details1872 AprWilliam CookJohn Roberts jnr.1,000799
Details1871 NovWilliam CookJoseph Bennett1,000942
Details1871 MayWilliam CookJohn Roberts jnr.1,000985
Details1871 JanJohn Roberts jnr.Joseph Bennett1,000637
Details1870 NovJoseph BennettJohn Roberts jnr.1,000905
Details1870 MayJohn Roberts jnr.Alfred Bowles1,000752
Details1870 AprJohn Roberts jnr.William Cook1,000552
Details1870 FebWilliam CookJohn Roberts sen.1,2001,083
Details1849John Roberts Sen.
Details1825Edwin Kentfield

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