English Amateur Billiards Association

West Acre Juniors Billiards Rankings

Rankings – after event 7-(top 10)

1.Jack Easter-117

2.James Eyre-70

3.Ryan Jackson-47

4.Jake Loane-42

5.Josie Wright-40

6.Rochy Woods-37

7.Callum Lawlor-33

8.Jack Howling-28

9.Thomas Dewin-5

Sam Carter-5

Highest Breaks Easter

14.13.12-Ryan Jackson

13-Callum Lawlor Loane

12-Rochy Woods

12-James Eyre

Highest 15 minute scores

60-Jack Easter

51-Jake Loane

48-James Eyre

44-Callum Lawlor

36-Ryan Jackson

34-Rochy Woods

27-Jack Howling

20-Josie Wright

14-Sam Carter

14-Thomas Dewin

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