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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1998


David Rees (Derby):— “Albert Hanson writes ‘Where have all
the billiard competitors gone?’ Maybe they could just be as fed
up as I am with not knowing when and where competitions will
be held and what format will be used.

I sent off an entry form for the national team knockout for the
season 1996/7. This tournament was played on 26th April 1998
Was this some sort of joke?

Why can we not have a proper Billiards Calendar published well
in advance. This works well with the ABC Tournaments. Just the
dates would be good enough for a start. If we have the dates of
each stage of each tournament then Billiards players throughout
the country could arrange their own local competitions
accordingly and can be spared the task of continually rearranging
matches. Rearranging matches can be a tedious job, especially
team matches where you have to arrange a date to suit half a
dozen players and possibly referees. The situation also occurs
where players have to drop out after winning several rounds
because they have a holiday booked which clashes with the
date of the next round.

So come on Billiards Committee, get your act together and let us
have a proper Billiards Calendar for National events just like we
used to. Is it too much to ask that this could be done by the end
of October?”

Albert Hanson replies:— Thank you David for your letter. The fact is
that the Billiards Committee did establish a calendar for season 1997-
98, the problem was we didn’t stick to it.

We have to hold our hands up and say we messed up and upset a good
many of our supporters apart from yourself. I am advised that the
Midlands organising body arranged their tournament programme
around our declared schedule and then found themselves in conflict
with us because when we rescheduled it clashed with their arrangements.
We obviously regret the inconvenience caused.

The Billiards Committee has established a tournament calendar for the
new season which appears on this page, and I ‘m confident that we ‘II
adhere to the dates and schedule this time.

To you and all other Billiard supporters affected by our lapses, we
apologise. Please stick with us and let us prove that we can do it right.

Extract from a letter by Brendan Carroll (Birkenhead):—
“Regarding content [of the magazine}, I think there has been an
improvement, but maybe still too much reportage on matches of
rather minor interest. Snooker Scene became unreadable nearly
because of that kind of thing. I’d like to see something like the
old Billiard Player, from the times when Clifford and Holt were
editors, but realise that they had a much bigger readership with
more feedback from readers and the like. I would like to contribute
more than the occasional letter, but am at the present very
occupied with my job.

I have a friend in Aussie—Geoff Williams, a prominent referee
who contributed to Tom Terry’s mag sometimes. He says he has
not so far been able to get the ABP and that there are several
people in his position. Maybe you need a better contact out
there to increase sales?”

[It is the policy of the ABP to give as complete coverage as we can to all
the major billiard competitions, and—providing that we have the
space—we are happy to publish local news and events from any areas
which care to supply us with the information. At the moment, we have
the space to publish almost everything we receive, so if you, or anyone
else, know of a topic or event which you feel is more worthy of inclusion
than the present selection, please let us know. This includes contribution s
from overseas, so perhaps your friend in Australia -would like to do
something for us. If you care to supply his contact details we can also
send him as many subscription forms as he needs.—Ed.]

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