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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1998

News from the Editor’s Chair

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As we enter another season, the billiard world has been
stunned by the sudden death of Albert Hanson, secretary of
the EABA, who had also just taken over as editor of the Amateur
Billiard Player. Albert’s obituary appears elsewhere in this issue,
and we will therefore not go into any more detail here, but
needless to say he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
As yet, the magazine has still to appoint a new editor from
amongst the ranks of the EABA committee, but we trust that this
will be in place before too long. Due to the change-over in
responsibilities, it is possible that information, subscriptions, etc
which have recently been sent to Albert may have become lost.
If in doubt, please get in touch so that we may sort it out.

As you will already have noticed, with this issue the magazine
takes on a new look. Produced as a bumper issue to celebrate
the centenary of the birth of Walter Lindrum we have four
additional pages—and to complete the make-over—a new cover.
This was produced for us by graphic designer, Keith Thompson
from Norton in Teesside, and our thanks go to him for his efforts.

If you like what you see, help us to keep it packed with
information by sending in all your news and views, so we can
share them with others. We are particularly keen to establish

additional regional correspondents, and if any of our overseas
readers would like to supply us with information about their local
champions, we would be pleased to receive it. Improved printing
of the magazine now means that we can also publish any
photographs which accompany regional contributions.

The magazine will now be seeking a limited number commercial
advertisers—who will be required if we are to maintain this
standard of publication. If you know of a company who may be
interested, why not show them a copy, or alternatively pass their
contact details to us and we will approach them.

Of the forthcoming EABA events, we are pleased to see an
excellent response to the new county team championship which
has sixteen entries. With increased numbers for the English (82)
and the Grand Masters (40) we also see a welcome trend of new
entries from outside the hot-bed of the game in Teesside.

Unfortunately, due to print deadlines we are unable to bring you
the draw in this issue, but all of these events and the Junior
Championships, will of course be given in-depth coverage in
our next issue. We are delighted that the amateur game continues
to thrive and this magazine will do everything it can to bring you
the news of its success.

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