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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2000

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2000

Northern Ireland

Nth. Ireland v England

Northern Ireland met England in their annual competition for the
Friendly Cup at The Reading Rooms, Bangor on 22nd-23rd January.
The English team established a narrow 13-11 lead after the first day,
and thereafter had things almost all their own way in the final matches,
retaining the trophy with a 33-15 result. The English Junior squad
were also successful in their parallel competition for the Kingsman
Cup, emerging with a 19-5 victory.

The teams were :


NI : Tony Buttimer, Davy Pogue, Paddy
Donnelly, Davy Elliott, Tony Shields, John McIntyre, Freddie Cahoon,
Eugene Rogan;

England : Gary Rogers, Phillip Welham, Darren Kell,
Stephen Crosland, Peter Shelley, Bill Andress, David Nichols, Paul


NI : R. Latimer, Joe Buttimer, Keith McCready, M.

England : Matthew Sutton, Jimmy Chambers, Martin Shutt,
Dean Bavister.

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