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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2001


All games one-hour

The Maltings, Kings Lynn (Sunday 10th December 2000)

The Maltings, Kings Lynn, was the location for the third ranking
tournament of the season and it produced the third different pair of
finalists in what is becoming the most open season for many years. The
two newcomers on this occasion were Brian Harvey and Matthew
Sutton. For Sutton it was a wonderful achievement to reach his first
Ranking final at the age of 17, and he looked for most of the game as
though he would also make it his first win, a break of exactly 100 giving
him the advantage going into the last 15 minutes of the match. At this
point, Harvey drew upon his greater experience, putting together a run
of 130 which enabled him to secure a 59 point victory.

Photo of Brian Harvey (5k)

ABC Winner Brian Harvey

The day had started with the surprise entry of three-times English
Amateur Champion, Martin Goodwill. Now working for British
Airways in Saudi Arabia, he had taken advantage of a Christmas break
to make his first appearance for three years. Unfortunately for Martin,
his first opponent was Stephen Crosland, and despite making the best
break of the match with a 92, he still finished 45 points behind the

Richard Lodge also had a tough draw in the Preliminary Round and was
unfortunate to find Lee Lagan at the top of his form. Despite making a
break of 107, he was overwhelmed by the Teesside player who produced
a massive break of 295 in a 542-202 victory.

First Round

Lagan continued in much the same mood in the first
round, breaks of 195, 90 and 82 leaving Ivan Chambers a long way in
arrears. Brian Harvey was the only other player to make a century
break in this round, a run of 116 helping him to a comfortable win over
Robert Jones.

Second Round

Harvey was again quickly in action against John
Hartley. Early breaks of 114, 112, 64 in consecutive visits set the
foundation for a 467-178 victory. The long journey from Teesside had
not diminished the appetite of Lee Lagan for big breaks, but before his
second round match against Stephen Crosland he sought additional
sustenance in the form a house speciality—an enormous cheese and
salad bread roll. This seemed to have the desired effect, as he proceeded
to knock in an all-time record break for ABC events. His run of 366
passed the previous record of 352 which was set in 1996 by Chris
Shutt when still in his amateur days. For good measure Lagan also
added another break of 214 in a 637-123 scoreline.


Now drawn against team-mate Mark Hatton, Lee
Lagan looked to be unstoppable, but had Hatton spotted the secret of
Lagan’s success? The appearance of Hatton with one of the same ‘magic’
cheese and salad rolls before the start of the match was perhaps an
omen of the upset to come. Despite a break of 119, Lagan could not
produce his earlier fluency and went down to a surprise 31 point

Matthew Sutton showed that his victory over Phil Welham at Nuneaton
was no fluke. He repeated the result with an equally impressive 318-
172 scoreline, including a 95 break. This qualified him to meet Bill
Andress, who edged out Jim Temple by 41 points.


The semi-finals could not compete with the earlier
excitement of the day as both Sutton and Harvey overcame their
opponents with solid performances.

Preliminary Round
Lee Lagan (295) 542, Richard Lodge (107) 202; Ivan Chambers (68) 424,
David Rees 172; Stephen Crosland (69, 62, 55) 329, Martin Goodwill (92) 284; Jim McCann 313,
Norman Routledge 133; Tony Done (51) 264, Matthew Peaker 177; Darren Clark 244, Jock
McGregor 94; Dennis Marr 302, Mark Kaye 98; Matthew Sutton (74) 304, David Peaker 120; Allan
Scott (112, 71, 51, 51) 435, Chris Ross 300; Robert Shanks 284, John White 171.
First Round
Lee Lagan (195, 90, 82) 530, Ivan Chambers 150; Stephen Crosland 278, Jim
McCann (64) 219; Tony Done (62) 281, Michael White (63) 213; Mark Hatton 269, Jimmy Chambers
211; John Hartley 290, Billy Bousfield 222; Brian Harvey (116) 414, Robert Jones 108; Albert
Beard 209, David Smith 193; Ronnie Haigh (60) 270, Phil Davis 149; Bill Andress (68) 384,
Michael Donnelly 237; Paul Dunning 194, Peter Cooper 145; Jim Temple 182, Martin Phillips 180;
Peter Shelley (91, 78) 369, Ian Dennis 151; David Nichols (50) 312, Keith Lloyd 183; Phil Welham
(76, 56) 316, Darren Clark 210; Matthew Sutton (53) 240, Dennis Marr 206; Allan Scott (90, 52) 416,
Robert Shanks 175.
Second Round
Lee Lagan (366, 214) 637, Stephen Crosland 123; Mark Hatton 245, Tony Done
243; Brian Harvey (114, 112, 64) 467, John Hartley 178; Ronnie Haigh (81) 326, Albert Beard 97;
Bill Andress 305, Paul Dunning 205; Jim Temple 245, Peter Shelley 215; Phil Welham (82) 259,
David Nichols (56) 241; Matthew Sutton (67, 51) 306, Allan Scott 138.
Mark Hatton (50) 280, Lee Lagan (119) 249; Brian Harvey (72) 283, Ronnie Haigh
(53) 217; Bill Andress (76) 290, Jim Temple 249; Matthew Sutton (95) 318, Phil Welham 172.
Brian Harvey (76, 62) 337, Mark Hatton (55) 201; Matthew Sutton (66) 367, Bill
Andress (61) 191.
Brian Harvey (130, 74) 291, Matthew Sutton (100) 232.

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