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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001


Total aggregate score. All games one hour duration

Newmarket SC – 21st January 2001

The Cleveland team of Lee Lagan, Darren Kell and Mark Hatton,
managed to retain the County Cup by defeating Yorkshire in a
repeat of last year’s final, although they certainly didn’t have things all
their own way.

With the English Inter-County Championship this year being condensed
into a single day’s play, the event attracted eleven representative teams
to the Newmarket Snooker Club. Taking advantage of the available
facilities, all three team members played their games simultaneously
over a 60 minutes duration. As usual, the total aggregate score decided
the winner.

With Cleveland receiving a bye in the preliminary round, Yorkshire
brushed aside the Kent team including an excellent display by Stephen
Crosland, who produced six 50+ breaks in a 514-180 result over Chris
Carpenter. With Richard Lodge and Gary Rogers also recording
comfortable wins the final score of 1122-447 couldn’t have been more
conclusive. Both of the two entries from Cambridge also fell at this first
hurdle, being defeated by Cheshire and Norfolk respectively. Phil
Welham (Norfolk) making the first century of the day with 110.

Cleveland were called into action in the next round and had a desperate
struggle to overcome the Norfolk team. The key to their success was a
spirited recovery by Darren Kell who was at one stage some 70 points
behind Fos Wilson, but recovered to win by just over a hundred. This
enabled the Champions to progress with a narrow 41 point victory on

Yorkshire, meanwhile, had no such drama as they had another impressive
1134-496 win over Middlesex, Gary Rogers producing a century break
(101) in his match. The semi-final line-up was completed by Cheshire
who had a narrow 14 point win over Cornwall, and Devon who defeated
Staffordshire 942-740.

Both Yorkshire and Cleveland managed to overcome their semi-final
opposition and progressed to the final, for what seems to be rapidly
becoming a traditional meeting. The highlight of the round was a fine
break of 240 Lee Lagan for Cleveland, which was the highest of the day.
The early running in the final was entirely made by the Yorkshire trio.
With just over 10 minutes to go, the tables saw the Yorkshire
representatives, Gary Rogers and Richard Lodge each almost 100 points
ahead, and their third player, Steve Crosland, some 50 points up on
Mark Hatton. At this point the Cleveland team synchronised their
effort to perfection and with breaks of 124 (Lagan), 129 (Kell) and 59
(Hatton) regained the initiative, going on to secure an unlikely victory
by 104 points. This is now Cleveland’s third consecutive success since
the event was re-introduced in 1999, but it doesn’t appear as though
their task is becoming any easier.

Preliminary Round
Cheshire bt. Cambridge ‘B’ 833-578. T. Done 330, P. Hilsden 202; P.
Dunning (59) 237, J. Chambers 194; N. Routledge 266, M. White 182. Yorkshire bt. Kent 1122-447.
S. Crosland (73, 64, 63, 61, 54, 52) 514, C. Carpenter 180; R. Lodge 365, R. Shanks 150; G. Rogers
(65) 243, A. Phillips 117. Norfolk bt. Cambridge ‘A’ 1085-518. F. Wilson 288, T. Henke 177; P.
Welham (110, 70, 60) 383, A. Salisbury (70) 173; D. Nichols (69) 414, I. Chambers 168.
Cleveland bt. Norfolk 755-714. D. Kell 252, F. Wilson 150; L. Lagan (82, 56) 335,
D. Nichols (70) 268; M. Hatton 168, P. Welham 296. Yorkshire bt. Middlesex 1134-496. G. Rogers
(101) 279, B. Moffitt 138. (No other results given). Cheshire bt. Cornwall 727-713 (No individual
results) Devon bt. Staffs & West Midlands 942-740 (No individual results)
Yorkshire bt. Devon 912-785 (No individual results) Cleveland bt. Cheshire 1051-631
(No individual results)
Cleveland bt. Yorkshire 895-791. M. Hatton (59) 240, S. Crosland (56, 53) 285; D. Kell (129)
274, G. Rogers (69) 222; L. Lagan (124, 81) 381, R. Lodge 284.
Photo of County Team Champions (11k)

Derick Townend presents the County Cup to the Cleveland Team
L-R: Anthony Bishop (reserve) Lee Lagan, Darren Kell, Mark Hatton.

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