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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : November 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : November 2001


Cuedos Club, Bradford

Sunday 30th September 2001

All games one-hour
Photo of Robin WIlson (5k)

Robin Wilson makes a winning
debut taking his first ABC title at

The stalwart and ever faithful A.B.C. billiards supporters thronged
to the Cuedos Club, Bradford, for the first tournament of the 2001/
2002 series. Fifty two contestants of all shapes and sizes prepared
themselves to do battle at this comfortable and well equipped Yorkshire
venue which was well prepared for our comfort and pleasure.

A ‘hefty’ contingent of players from
Teesside, including several bright eyed,
precocious players from the boys
billiards league, swarmed in to gather
the spoils. A very good entry from
junior’s which was very much
appreciated by the more experienced
players present. The timely arrival of
an enormous bowl of Auntie Janice’s
special mouth watering Chilli Con
Carni gave us the promise of a late
afternoon musical soirée, and the stage
was set for a good day’s sport.
The preliminary round of the
competition provided us with solid
performances from Darren Kell (breaks
of 195 and 91) in his defeat of the
Yorkshireman Brian Cousen. Dave

Nichols (92, 54, 59) took care of Teesside junior, John Hall, and Robin
Wilson (56, 50, 113) took the scalp of Peter Ostrowski (Huddersfield).
In a close encounter, Norman Routledge (Macclesfield) edged out Phil
Welham the recently crowned Whitworth Masters Champion’. An
apparently jet-lagged John Hartley scored well in the preliminary and
first rounds but had no answer to John Smith (Worcester) in round two.
Century breaks were in short supply.

An unusually quiet Lee Lagan made steady progress, but lacked a
certain lustre on the way to his quarter-final defeat by his bogey man
Robin Wilson. It’s a long time since Lagan failed to register a century in
an A.B.C. tournament. While on the other hand Wilson was playing
with a quiet if somewhat aloof confidence. Steve Crosland was
comprehensively beaten by Peter Shelley in their quarter-final, as was
John Smith by Jim McCann in theirs. Tony Done was narrowly defeated
by Brian Harvey.

The semi-finals had little excitement other than a 104 by Robin Wilson
and a return of 104 in the next visit by Peter Shelley in their match.
They remained close for the first half, before Wilson steadily pulled
away to the closing bell. In the match between Harvey and McCann,
the Derbyshire man took control and held his lead throughout.
The stage was set for a final between two players who had fully
deserved their places in the Bradford final. Jim McCann the stylish,
mature and experienced match-player, against a first timer on the A.B.C.
circuit, the well known, but little seen young man from the North East,
Robin Wilson.

Wilson, this swanlike young man from Middlesbrough gracefully stroked
his unruffled way through the final, leaving Jim McCann only to sit and
wonder in his wake. Possibly Jim had time to reflect on Darley Dale

Billiards League’s lucky first prize win in the earlier E.A.B.A. 200 Club
draw. Seventeen year old Robin Wilson, a former Junior Pot Black
Champion, and a protégé of the late Albert Hanson, is a fine cueist
whose style is reminiscent of more famous cue-men from the same
stable. It only goes to show that an early training in the right company
is invaluable. A worthy winner of a very enjoyable day’s billiards he
collected a prize of £180. Darren Kell took the high break award, his
195 in the preliminary round proving to be the highest of the day.
All credit due to James Fisher and his very helpful staff for their
hospitality. To Mrs Fisher for her lovely home made chocolate cake,
and not forgetting our gratitude to the Cuedos Club for the generous
sponsorship of this event.

Report: Derick Townend
Preliminary Round
R. Haigh 262 J. McGregor 36; N. Routledge (58) 252 P. Welham 224; T. Done
224 C. Robinson 156; C. Murphy 247 D. Rees 185; D. Kell (195, 91) 436 B. Cousen 81; R. Lodge
(52, 51) 312 R. Whitten 164; B. Harvey 277 A. Bishop 203; T. Warren 248 P. Rayner 143; B. Watson
158 M. Phillips 156; J. Hartley 308 A. Fairley 169; D. Nichols (92, 59, 54) 407 J. Hall 164; M.
Hatton 306 A. Nolan 120; B. Hoole 272 J. White 158; B. Andress 341 D. Peaker 170; L. Lagan 365
J. Ingleby 160; T. James 248 D. Beagrie 160; D. Richardson 381 A. Kyme 102; R. Wilson (113,
56, 50) 448 P. Ostrowski 74; A. Parsons 266 D. Mulhall 243; M. Peaker 224 B. Slee 164.
First Round
R. Haigh 237 N. Routledge (52) 213; T. Done 370 C. Murphy 206; D. Kell (63) 276 R.
Lodge (61) 206; B. Harvey (84, 58, 54) 467 T. Warren 164; J. Hartley 374 B. Watson 137; J. Smith
194 H. Kaye 154; J. McCann 277 B. Bousfield 220; P. Dunning (59) 247 P. Davis 143; P. Shelley
(83, 71) 359 D. Marr (60, 50) 228; D. Morrell 204 S. Watson 83; S. Crosland (51) 395 K. Cunningham
147; M. Hatton 236 D. Nichols 224; B. Andress (54) 336 B. Hoole 245; L. Lagan (83) 393 T. James
167; R. Wilson (99) 354 D. Richardson 233; A. Parsons 326 M. Peaker 270.
Second Round
T. Done (53) 255 R. Haigh 230; B. Harvey (53) 237 D. Kell 196; J. Smith (62, 62)
318 J. Hartley 166; J. McCann 205 P. Dunning 191; P. Shelley (69, 59, 58, 52) 470 D. Morrell 135;
S. Crosland 241 M. Hatton (71) 202; L. Lagan 350 B. Andress 230; R. Wilson 285 A. Parsons 279.
B. Harvey 258 T. Done 242; J. McCann 251 J. Smith 131; P. Shelley (53) 316 S.
Crosland 181; R. Wilson (72, 58) 340 L. Lagan (53) 214.
J. McCann 340 B. Harvey 248; R. Wilson (104, 66) 389 P. Shelley (104) 233.
Robin Wilson 402 Jim McCann 167.

Philip Welham who had been surprisingly defeated in the first round of
the main competition, went on to take the Plate event, defeating David
Rees 320-189 in the one-hour final. Young Dominic Mulhall, who has
a growing reputation as a “Plate” specialist in the Junior tournaments,
did exceptionally well to reach the semi-final of this senior event before
losing out to Welham. Brian Cousen was the other beaten semi-finalist.

Semi-finals (30 minutes)
P. Welham 174 D. Mulhall 78; D. Rees 152 B. Cousen 55.
(one hour)
P. Welham (88) 320 D. Rees 189.

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