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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Winter 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Winter 2002
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News from the Editor’s Chair

It’s just about ten years ago since entrants to the 1992 English Billiards
Championship received notice from the Billiards & Snooker Control
Council that “The Company is unable to fulfil it’s obligations in the
running of the ‘English Billiards Championship’ and we therefore regret
to inform you that the matches notified to you will not now take
place”. A very sad state of affairs, and a situation that had been expected
for some time before the event. In a quick response to this situation a
group of committed billiards players rallied around to rescue the
Championship. By individual donations, sponsorship, and the hard
work of those involved in setting up the final stages, the 1992
Championship came to a satisfactory conclusion at the Cubbington
Social Club, in Warwickshire. Ten years on, and after many, many trials
and tribulations along the way, the game of English Billiards has survived.
Some, would say that the amateur game has never been in better shape,
and others would say that the game has even prospered.

The E.A.B.A. committee feels that now is the time to move on.
Representation is being made to ‘Sport England’ in effect to be recognised
as the governing body for ‘English Billiards’ in England. The Association
has shown by example that it is the most reliable, and the most
responsible, organisation that can be entrusted with the future prosperity
of the sport. The Association has proved that it’s belief in the sporting,
social and cultural objectives are beyond reproach. By keeping down
the cost of participation in amateur billiards, and by providing a caring
and user friendly approach, we are encouraging more young people to
join our Association. We are fully aware that we are a minority sport,
but big is not always beautiful. The competitive atmosphere,
camaraderie, and good will engendered at the recent ‘County Billiards
Championship’, at Nuneaton, made me feel proud and privileged to
wear an England badge.

Moving on to another equally important aspect of billiards. The
international scene. I am very pleased to announce that the
E.A.B.A. is warming to the prospect of organising a World Amateur
Billiards Championship. There seems very little prospect of the word
amateur being revived in international circles. The E.A.B.A. will do its
utmost to make a stand to ensure that the ‘World Amateur Billiards
Championship’ lives on. Many of our amateur international colleagues,
incidentally, more than took part in the last open championship, have
shown an interest in this proposition, and no doubt will support our
efforts. Having a pretty good idea of the present ability of world
amateur billiards players, it is safe to say that any one of a dozen
cueists could win the World title. This is competition at its best, and
what one should expect from a ‘World Amateur Championship’. The
cost of organising such an event could be somewhat daunting, but initial
interest has already been shown by would be sponsors and their support
is more than encouraging. I welcome any views on this subject and
provide my email address for replies.

Mr. David Rees, the billiards international from Derby, has recently
been co-opted on to the E.A.B.A. committee, to assist with
coaching duties. Welcome on board David. Being a very experienced
billiards coach, David will be an asset to the team, and is sure to make
a valuable contribution to the Association’s coaching endeavours.

Being my first opportunity to comment in the New Year. I wish all
the readers of the A.B.P and billiards players everywhere a happy
and healthy New Year, there are lots of exciting prospects before us in
2003, let’s face them together, and may all our breaks be big ones—

Derick Townend

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