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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Winter 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Winter 2002

JUNIOR Championships

Maltings Q Club, Kings Lynn

Sunday 3rd November 2003
(All games one-hour)

English Under-16 Championship

(13 entries, 5 qualifiers)

With three qualifiers already decided in Teesside, the remainder of the
quarter-final line-up was resolved at the Woodside Snooker Club,
Norwich, on Sunday 24th November. All games were one hour duration.

Jamie Edwards qualified for the final stages without being required
strike a ball as absentees featured prominently in both of the Norfolk
qualifying groups, a total of five youngsters failing to put in an
appearance. Fifteen year-old Edwards had reached the semi-finals
the Under-19 Championship last year and is the only player from the
five qualifiers who has previous experience of the competition proper.

Possibly the best performance of this contest came from twelve yearold
Ricky Easter who made the highest 60 minute aggregate with 260.

The youngest competitor was nine year-old Jin Yung Foulger from
Great Yarmouth, who lost out to Robert Crisp in his opening match.

Preliminary Round
Robert Crisp

162 Jin Yung Foulger

Gary Drake

w/o Matthew Coe

Ben Beech

w/o Tom Moriarty

Qualifying Round
Ben Lewis

154 Gary Drake

Ricky Easter

260 Jason Drake

Luke Reeve

178 Ben Beech

Robert Crisp

178 Michael Crisp

Jamie Edwards

w/o Tom Copsey

Qualifiers: Ben Lewis, Ricky Easter, Luke Reeve,
Robert Crisp, Jamie Edward


English Under-19 Championship

(13 entries, 3 qualifiers)

Gavin Lewis, Jamie Edwards and Calvin Daws experienced no difficulty
in filling the three available places from this region, all winning their
matches with ease. The improving Edwards has the chance of taking
both titles this year, and his scoring in this competition, with totals
370 and 401 in his two matches, shows that he must stand a chance.

Preliminary Round
Nathan Mann

296 James Roberts

First Round
Gavin Lewis

319 Nathan Mann

Jamie Edwards

370 Robert Crisp

Calvin Daws

304 Jin Yung Foulger

Ricky Easter

229 Luke Reeve

Ben Lewis

w/o Adrian Hubbard

Michael Crisp

w/o Julian Zalums

Qualifying Round
Gavin Lewis

304 Ben Lewis

Jamie Edwards

401 Michael Crisp

Calvin Daws

333 Ricky Easter

Qualifiers: Gavin Lewis, Jamie Edwards, Calvin Daws

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