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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Winter 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Winter 2002

Twenty Years ago: Careful what you say!

In the late 80s, I was in Belgium for the European Billiards
Championship, which was in the newly introduced 150-point format.

This was a radical move away from the traditional four-hour matches
to which all billiards players had been accustomed. There was much
debate at the time whether it was the right format to give the game an
identity in keeping with the popular demands for spectacular, short
and quick action. Then someone chipped in and said that we should
have a 100-up format. Three times World champion Norman Dagley,
one of the most ardent lovers of the game and also one of the most laid
back players ever, looked up and drawled, Yeah, why not 25 up? He
was being heavily sarcastic of course. But the elegant Englishman little
realized how close he was to being a prophet—Michael Ferreira,
Deccan Herald, 7th November 2000.

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