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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1997

The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1997

Secretary’s Notes

Albert Hanson

I can confirm that Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother is a
Billiards supporter. 1 read in a Sunday newspaper that
this was the case so 1 wrote to Clarence House and forwarded
a copy of the Teesside Boys Billiards Roll of Honour booklet.

I received a response from her majesty’s Lady in Waiting
thanking me and passing her best wishes. Perhaps we
should compile a billiards who’s who of billiards supporters.

The Teesside Boys Billiards League roll of honour booklet
has been updated and reprinted and is being distributed.
Copies were given to competitors at the Malta World Open
event and the recent ABC.

This booklet is a historical record of the league’s inception,
championship trail and performance by age of highest break
and highest score along with snippets on “Old Boys”.

Anyone seeking a copy of this booklet, which is free, only
have to ask.

Does your local authority have sports awards?
Middlesbrough Borough Council, Cleveland County
(when it existed) and Teesside Development Corporation all
I’ve previously nominated Lee Lagan and Chris Shutt to
Cleveland and they received £ 1,000 each.
Stuart Robinson took Middlesbrough’s coaching award of
trophy + £250 and there have been other receipts as well.

My motto is “you can’t be considered if you don’t apply”
so I advocate to others to submit nominations, true you will
suffer disappointments as you efforts prove futile but again
my view is you are bringing your sports activity to the
attention of the administrators and it may bring future

Also consider applications to Sports Council or Sports Aid
Foundation for sports bursaries, grants are afforded for
coaching, tuition, travel, entries or equipment costs if you
satisfy their criteria. Obviously developing players are best
suited to apply but surely you must be one!

The ABC and Junior Ranking tournament are underway
and are marvellous events to be involved in whether as
competitor or spectator. 1 try to attend the ABC’s despite
not having picked up a cue in anger for 20 or so years. 1 find
them great social occasions and catch up with old friends
during the day.

The junior events provide the opportunity to view our stars
of the future and support their development.
If there’s one in your area, call in or join in, I’m certain you’ll
enjoy it.

Congratulation to Paul Bennett and Darren Kell for their
efforts in Malta, of which you’ll read in other parts of
the magazine. They performed well both in play and conduct
as we would expect.

Due to pressures of business Malcolm Lax has asked to
be relieved of some of the duties of Magazine
production. To this end we’ve made some alterations to the
production system.

David Burgess continues as Editor while I have expanded
my involvement’s and am joined by Peter Ainsworth, our
‘historical pot pourri’ contributor, on the production side.

We continue to seek contributions from anyone prepared to
put pen to paper (or better still to floppy disk). Your viewpoint
or information would be welcome.

Until next time, good cueing and good viewing.

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