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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1998

100 up for Rule Books

Just to prove that triumph can come out of adversity, the Sussex Referees Association has just announced the sale of its hundredth Expanded
Rules Book since publication last October. One of the newer refereeing bodies, the Sussex Referee’s Association was formed to replace the
West Sussex Association—which had experienced administrative problems—and to provide a forum for East Sussex which had no County unit
at all.

Soon after its inauguration in 1995 the WPBSA announced a set of Rules revisions for Snooker and SE Tutor, Jim Carter, reacted swiftly by
staging a series of seminars to drive home the contents of the new Rules Book. The third of these teach-ins was held in Brighton and SRA
Secretary, Nick Turner, was asked to make notes for those unable to attend.

The group had already produced a compilation of notes on good refereeing practice, much of which had been circulated piecemeal over the years
by Arthur Raison of the IABSR, and they therefore decided to produce an all embracing A4 volume of Rules (Snooker plus notes and Billiards)
and Code of Practice for their members. The rather impressive books were soon went beyond the County boundaries and requests for copies
began to come in but, at this point, the officers realised they ought to obtain WPBSA permission before fulfilling the demand. With help from
their legal expert and two senior referees, a final text was agreed and the go-ahead given.

For the asking price of £12 + £3 p&p; the purchaser receives a strong plastic folder, the colour cover of which bears the owner’s name in bold
type to personalise it. Inside, each section of Rules is printed on its own coloured paper for easy reference and each page is displayed in a clear
plastic wallet so that, if and when an alteration is made to it, a replacement can be quickly inserted to keep the Book up to date. All subscribers
will receive the first set of such amendments free of charge and will have the option to register for subsequent mailings.

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