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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : December, 1910

The Billiard Monthly : December, 1910

Amateur Doings of the Month


At the Hammersmith Constitutional Club on November
29, the club champion, Mr. P. C. Hunt, played an exhibition
match with Mr. A. W. T. Good, the amateur ex-champion,
the latter conceding 250 points in 800 up. Mr. Hunt put
on a very fine break of 81, together with a 60, 43, 32, and
by dint of excellent play, won an interesting game by 124

The heats in connection with the Press Handicap and
the Stock Exchange Clerks’ Handicap are in progress.


In the Edinburgh v. Glasgow match, the visitors gained
an easy victory. The closest contest in the ten games was
that between J. H. McGregor and D. G. Moffat, and the
best break (78) was made by Gill.


A charity tournament has been organized in Liverpool in
connection with The Liverpool Evening Express trophy,
for championship competition among Liverpool amateurs.


In connection with the Manchester Amateur Handicap,
the heats on December 1 were particularly interesting. In
the afternoon the English amateur champion, H. A. O.

Lonsdale (owes 75) met C. Carr, Bury (rec. 200), and
Lonsdale won easily, his best breaks being 133, 76, and 75.

At night, T. H. Lord, Higher Broughton (rec. 190), beat
the Lancashire county cricketer, Walter Brearley (rec. 260),
by 158.

On December 8, H. A. O. Lonsdale (owes 75) met T.
H. Lord, Higher Broughton (rec. 190). It was a well contested
game, Lord winning by 65 points. His best
breaks were 66 and 54 (unfinished). Lonsdale scored 87,
56, and 62. Result: Lord (rec. 190), 600; Lonsdale (owes
75). 535.


The final in the Leeds Amateur Championship was
played on December 1 between Mr. H. Dawson and Mr. G.
Boyce. The latter played up pluckily, and was in front at
442-441, and continued to lead at 470-459, but a break of
19 by Dawson placed shim in command at 478-473, and
eventually Dawson went out with 19 unfinished, the winner
of a good game by 25 points. Scores: Dawson, 500;
Boyce, 475.


An interesting game took place on December 1 at the
Citadel between the R.G.A. Sergeants’ Mess and the Sherwood
Foresters, the R.G.A. winning all six games. The
most keenly contested game was between Sergt. Arthur and
R.S.M. Crummey, the former eventually winning by 4
points only.

The highest breaks were: Sergt. Willson, 37;
R.S.M. Troughton, 30; R.Q.M. Morsley, 29, 28, 22; and
C.S.M. Acht, 25, 23, 21. Scores:
R.G.A. C S.M. Acht 150, R.Q.M.S Morsley 150, Sergt
Willson 150, Sergt. Arthur 150, C.S.M. Willson 150, R.S.M
Troughton 150 Total, 900.

Sherwood Foresters Sergts. Murphy 105, Hewitt 55, Knight
61, R.S.M. Crummey 146, Sergts. Platts 99, Blarney 93. Total,


The final in the Cornwall Amateur Championship was
played at Penzance on December 6 between J. Bailey
(Penzance) and C. L. Taylor (Penzance). The players
kept close together all through the game, and Bailey won,
after an exciting finish, by 16 points. Scores: Bailey,
1,000; Taylor, 984

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