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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : May, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : May, 1911

Jottings of the Month


  • The Leicestershire Amateur Championship final heat was
    reached on April 12 between T. P. Harrison (holder) and
    W. Coupe, Final scores:—Harrison, 1,000; Coupe, 981.
  • A North-East Lancashire Billiard Control Association was
    formed on April 14, with Mr. E. J. Riley as president. Mr.
    H. Blackburn, of Blackburn, retains the title of champion
    of North-East Lancashire. The first amateur championship
    medal of Accrington has been won by Mr. W. H. Clegg.
  • An exhibition game of 600 up was played on April 25 at
    the club connected with the Paris Church at St. Anne’s,
    on-Sea between Mr. H. A. O. Lonsdale and Mr. John
    Crowther. Mr. Lonsdale conceded 125 points start, and after
    a close game was defeated by 72 points. The game was
    played for the benefit of the fund in aid of the Church Lads’
    Brigade, and the amount of tickets sold realized £9 15s.
  • The R.G.A. have now won the United Service Inter-Mess
    Billiard League cup at Plymouth twice, and if they secure
    it again next year it will become their property. Cues and
    cases have been presented to the members of the winning
    team:—R.S.M. M. Troughton, R.Q.M.S. J. Morsley,
    C.S.M. C. Acht, C.S.M. E. Wilson, Sergt. F. Roe, and
    Sergt. Willson. A cue and case were also presented by
    Mr. S. Heywood to C.Y.S. Brooks, of the Royal Naval
    Barracks, for the highest break.
  • An important addition has been made to the home of the
    Leicester Borough Police Recreation Society by the equipment
    of a billiard room, which was formally declared open
    on April 24 by the Mayor (Alderman W. W. Vincent).
    After the premises had been declared open, Walter Osborne
    (the ex-Midland Counties’ champion) and Mr. T. P.
    Harrison (amateur champion of Leicestershire) gave an
    exhibition game.
  • W. Cavanagh’s benefit was concluded at Messrs. Orme
    and Sons’ rooms, Manchester, on April 29. Mr. H. C.
    Virr, in 1,200 up against the Cheshire amateur champion,
    Mr. E. H. Morley (300), won by 129. Mr. G. A. Heginbottom
    beat R. Clarke (Reddish) by 600 to 462. Mr. H. A.
  • O. Lonsdale played Greenberg, a skilful local amateur,
    winning one game and Greenberg the other. Remaining
    matches: Jas. Harris (scr.) 600, J. Oldfield (rec. 200), 401;
    Heyworth 500, Midley 380; T. H. Lord 600, V. Bagnall 532.
  • Messrs. A. Reid (Queen’s Park) and F. J. Harman (St.
    Bartholomew’s) opposed each other in the final for the
    Brighton Billiard League Cup on April 19. The game was
    300 up, and Reid secured the cup by 33 points. A break of
    34 by Reid was the highest of the match. The St. Martin’s
    Billiard Club won the challenge shield. Their record was:
    Played 24 matches, won 109 games, lost 35; while the
    runners-up were St. Bartholomew’s, whose record was:
    Played 24, won 96, lost 48. St. Alban’s were winners of the
    second division cup. Their record was: Played 18 matches,
    won 69 games, lost 39; and they were closely followed by St.
    Nicholas’ with 67 wins. Mr. Price, of St. Martin’s, secured
    a prize for the finest break of the season—65 in a game of
    100 up; and Mr. Mercer was presented with a box of cigars
    for the largest number of games won in the first half.


  • The arrangements for the championship match won by
    Stevenson on April 29 after a strenuous contest with Inman,
    were in the hands of Mr. J. P. Mannock, as had been
    those of the preliminary heat at the B.C.C. Club, and the
    only regret is that his admirable set-out of the spacious
    Caxton Hall was not utilized until the second week by more
    crowded gatherings. Leading members of the B.C.C. successively,
    and always efficiently, discharged the duties pertaining
    to the refereeship.
  • The month has been full of further challenging absurdities,
    such as Stevenson’s “offer” to concede Roberts 10,000
    in 30,000, and Inman’s, “seeing that Diggle accepts 2,000
    in 18,000 from Roberts” to concede Roberts the same number.
    The delightful logic here is: “Because Diggle is better
    than myself, and Roberts may be better than Diggle, I
    am better than Roberts.”
  • George Gray should have played a game of 18,000 up at
    Messrs. Thurston’s, Leicester Square, with E. Diggle,
    receiving 6,000, under the management of John Roberts,
    but no match took place. The game was advertised to be
    played with bonzoline balls, instead of crystalate, and Mr.
    Gray, senr., in an interview, said:—”I have repeatedly told
    Mr. Roberts that George would not play with bonzoline
    balls. I finally wrote Mr. Roberts that my son would not
    appear against Diggle under the advertised conditions.”
  • It seems that the Roberts-Gray agreement has now been
    cancelled. A letter from Gray appears on another page.
  • Results for the month have included Stevenson 7,606 v.
    Harverson (rec. 2,000) 7,601 at Dublin (the match being
    left drawn); Pindar 6,000 v. Rimmar 4,543, at Manchester;
    A. F. Peall (rec. 500) 3,500 v. W. Cook 2,663, at Leicester
  • Whilst Stevenson, Inman, and Reece are abroad, Harverson
    will be “treading his native veldt” in South Africa,
    where he won the all-in S.A. championship in 1893 and the
    spot-barred in 1895 and 1896. He arrives at Capetown by
    the “Tongariro” on June 3rd.
  • The West End Club Markers’ Handicap was won at the
    Soho Square Salon by F. Cox (Wellington) and the West
    End Markers’ Handicap at Leicester Square by George
    Clarke (Junior Carlton).
  • What promised to be an interesting match for the Liverpool
    professional championship between J. W. Collens and
    J. Pearson, has had to be postponed. Collens has been
    disabled for some weeks owing to an injured leg.
  • O. T. Owen, who is managing the Antigallican billiard
    saloon at Woolwich, was playing the other night another
    man 100 up, owing 120. Starting off with a 38 break on
    his second visit Owen ran to game with 196. He lost the
    white ball when he had only made 10, the remaining 186
    being got with the red ball.
  • In the professional tournament at the Globe Hotel, Cardiff,
    on April 11, A. E. Hamman (Royal Hotel) defeated
    J. Hillard (Avondale Hotel) easily.

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