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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : June, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : June, 1911

Debut of Miss Ruby Roberts

Four sessions of very agreeable play were witnessed in
the middle of May at the Leicester Square Hall, when
Miss Ruby Roberts, of Australia, met and somewhat easily
defeated Madame Strebor (who is not new to public metropolitan
play) in games of 400 up.

Miss Roberts plays with greater confidence and sang
froid than Madame Strebor, and she also plays gracefully
(as Madame Strebor does) and with admirable delivery of
the cue. Madame Strebor, probably, knows a great deal
more about the game than Miss Roberts, but is heavily
handicapped by a rather nervous retarding of the cue in its
swing, and a resultant somewhat prodding action. If
Madame Strebor were to eliminate this feature from her
strokes and bring the cue nicely back and well through the
ball every time, her play, in the opinion of The Billiard
Monthly, would be improved by 25 in the 100.

Miss Ruby Roberts was seen to particularly fine advantage
in the opening session, when she made a very pretty
and correct break of over 60. Each lady was somewhat
opportunist at times, but displayed on other occasions excellent
capacity in the essential matter of ball control.

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