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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : July, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : July, 1911

Jottings of the Month

  • Weiss is renting billiard tables at Brisbane and is also
    touring and playing matches.
  • The jockeys, Dillon and Griggs, played 350 up at the
    Hotel Victoria, London, when Griggs beat by 21 points.
  • Inman and Harverson will probably meet in South Africa
    as Reece and Stevenson may possibly do in Australia.
  • The new home of the Amateur Billiard Club of New York
    is handsomely fitted and contains about thirty billiard and
    pool tables.
  • At the Harlesden Working Men’s Club the good time of
    1,000 in 2½ hours is said to have been made by Smith (1,000)
    against Krauser (795).
  • A. E. Williams leaves Australia for England in August
    to take part in the season 1911-12; he will return to the
    Antipodes in 1912 for the Australian season.
  • A new table for the Gosport Company of the 6th Hants.
    Regiment was opened by a match between Captain H. A.
    F. Smith and Colour-Sergt. Instructor Pragnell. The latter
  • Reece is described by The Melbourne Argus as being
    hardly at his best in his opening match with Memmott, but
    he managed to win with a score of 700 to 561, after conceding
    200 start. The Australians are apparently captivated
    with the “artistry” of Reece’s top-of-the-table execution.
  • A game of “hoopla” with billiard balls and pennies was
    played in Sunderland Police Court in order that the magistrates
    might decide whether it was a game of chance or
    skill. The Bench decided that the element of chance predominated,
    imposed a nominal penalty, and ordered the
    game to be discontinued.
  • D. Richards, who has been touring for two years in South
    Africa, has been playing George Gray at Plymouth, and
    was rather badly beaten. Richards was at one time billiard
    teacher at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and was also
    private tutor to his late Majesty King Edward the Seventh.
    He introduced Stevenson at the Aquarium in 1893-4. It is
    understood he now intends to stay in Plymouth.
  • Mrs. Dawson writes to The Sporting Life acknowledging
    the recent public testimonial to her husband amounting to
    £128 19s. 6d., and wishes to make it known that the reports
    that she and her husband have plenty of money are not correct.
  • Their house is mortgaged, and they have been living
    on the money thus realized since Dawson’s unfortunate
    breakdown of eyesight. They would be grateful if someone
    would now come forward and buy their house (The Thorns,
    Hook Road, Surbiton), at a reasonable figure.
  • Speaking of Gray to an interviewer of The Perth Daily
    News, Reece (before knowing anything of the result of the
    match at the National Sporting Club), said: “The young
    Australian, playing as he is now, will give Inman, and anybody
    else, with crystalate balls, a start of half the game,
    and then win. I think he would do just as well with
    ivories, though there are many who do not agree with me.
    I think it would take him about two months’ solid practice,
    before he could get perfect those extra raking long losers,
    in which the ivory angle makes it a narrow pocket.”

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