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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : August, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : August, 1911

Jottings of the Month

  • The directors of the Temperance Billiard Halls, Ltd.,
    announce an interim dividend at the rate of 6 per cent. per
    annum for the past half-year.
  • George Nelson considers that George Gray’s 1,032 at
    Newcastle was the biggest fluke on record, as, but for a
    fluke of the weirdest kind at the very commencement it
    would never have been made.
  • “This is my first visit to Australia,” said Reece on being
    welcomed there, “and I like the country so well that I
    intend to come again next year, and bring my wife with
    me. If she likes it as well as I do we will probably settle
  • Cueists in West Cumberland will (says The Whitehaven
    News) be interested to hear that George Gray, the young
    Australian, whose extraordinary playing has upset many
    billiard records, is now staying at Silecroft, where another
    good cueist—George Nelson—is also in residence.
  • The Billiard Professionals’ Association has reduced the
    age limit of membership from 21 to 18 years of age, and
    the annual subscription of country members from 10s. to
    5s. per annum, payable in advance, country members being
    defined as those living 20 or more miles out of London.
  • When seen in reference to a challenge issued to him by
    Reece, through Mr. George Reid, for a match of 16,000
    up on special table, with 3¼ in. pockets (the standard is
    3 5/8in.), Lindrum stated that he could not take this up.
    “But I am prepared,” he said, “to make an offer on my
    side. I will play Mr. Reece 16,000 up on a standard Alcock
    table for £100 a-side, and I am prepared to limit the
    hazard series to 100 consecutive losers off the red.”
  • Practising for the Victorian amateur championship, Mr.
    C. Von der Luft (who made the highest break in the
    championship contest last season) in a genuine match of
    1,000 up, made successive breaks of 256 and 138 on Saturday
    last. This was on a standard table and with bonzoline
    balls and indicates that the amateur talent there is a
    trifle “hot.” Both breaks were compiled in irreproachable
    style at all parts of the table.
  • In connection with the recently formed Bournemouth
    Liberal Billiard League, Mr. W. W. MacAdam, the president
    of the Bournemouth East and Central Clubs has given
    the silver cup he promised for the runners-up in the competition.
    It is an embossed silver bowl, standing on an
    ebony plinth, and valued at ten guineas. It bears the
    inscription:” Bournemouth Liberal Billiard League
    Trophy. Presented by W. W. MacAdam, Esq., July, 1911.”
  • In a letter from Capetown, dated June 12, Harverson
    says that he had a splendid voyage out from England to
    Capetown, where he intended to stay until June 26, when
    he would move on to Johannesburg. Here he expected to
    have a busy time—something that could not be said of
    Capetown, where things were very quiet in the world of
    billiards, though he had a few matches fixed up there. The
    people wanted to see him play, but the local amateurs and
    professionals were a bit shy of him, even when offered
    liberal starts.

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