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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : October, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : October, 1911

The Billiard Monthly as a Textbook

To the Editor.

I had 300 up the other night with a young fellow who
was carefully working along the lines of the” Cue Tips,”
&c., in The Billiard Monthly. He beat me handsomely and
I was more than pleased that he did so. A few days before
he had almost given up his practice on account of the bad
leaves he got when placing with the ordinary club player.


[We are very pleased to receive this letter and the others
like it that so frequently come to hand. When the proper
alignment, hold, and swing of the cue have been learned,
the next great essentials are, we think, knowledge and confidence,
and the former is not unlikely to beget the latter.
This is our main idea in arranging the contents of The
Billiard Monthly.]

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