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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : February, 1912

The Billiard Monthly : February, 1912

Death of Mr. J. S. Burroughes

It is with sincere regret that we have to record the death,
on Monday last, at his residence, The Homestead, Seaford,
Sussex, of Mr James Samuel Burroughes, chairman of
directors of Messrs. Burroughes and Watts, Ltd., billiard
table manufacturers, 19, Soho Square, W. Mr. Burroughes,
who had reached the age of seventy-one years, had
been in indifferent health for some time past.

The business was established by his father about seventy
five years ago. He entered it upon leaving school, and
it had been largely under his direction until comparatively
recent years. The present directors are Mr. L. H. J Burroughes
(son of the late Mr. J. S. Burroughes), chairman;
MR. J. R. Abbott, and Mr. C P. Lidbetter. He was a
moving spirit in the first billiard championships that were
arranged, and was thus associated with Roberts, Cook, and
other professional players He was a generous supporter
of billiards and of movements connected with the game and
introduced the first American tournament in London.

The relationship existing between the late Mr. Burroughes
and his many workpeople was one of attention on his part
to their interests and of respect and affection towards himself
on theirs. The news of his death was received throughout
the works with genuine sorrow and regret.

Mr. Burroughes (who was born at 19, Soho Square,
where the head office of the business still is) was, apart
from his business life, a member for six years of the first
School Board of London, and was at one time a prospective
candidate for the parliamentary representation of South St.

Pancras. He was a Fellow both of the Royal Geographical
and of the Zoological Society, and had travelled three times
round the world. Furthermore, he was a member of the
Grand Lodge of Freemasons and a keen sportsman and

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