English Amateur Billiards Association

Grand Masters 2015-2016

North & Midlands     
Steve Crosland72,66,59,88547Steve Kershaw218
Brian Cousen56359Brian Prichard140
D Atkinson280Steve Whiteley255
David Rees67,62406G Guest151
Tony Clegg419Paul Devitt245
Jim McCann55295Terry Ward196
Jim McCann355Paul Devitt226
Terry Ward385Tony Clegg286
Steve Kershaw280Brian Prichard264
Steve Crosland66,80378Brian Cousen290
David Rees276D Atkinson197
Steve Whiteley376G Guest154
D Atkinson223G Guest183
David Rees232Steve Whiteley228
Paul Devitt264Terry Ward235
Jim McCann79,94378Tony Clegg317
Brian Cousen338Steve Kershaw314
Steve Crosland55,57,53538Brian Prichard122
North West
Denis Marr67374M Bennett180
Jack McLaughlin64,51,114574Steve Stokes148
Peter Shelley52120108509Norman Routledge205
Eddie Fielding262Eddie Duggan240
Eddie Fielding55,65,50,72354Peter Shelley225
Eddie Duggan404Norman Routledge205
Jack McLaughlin54,79,58363Denis Marr223
Steve Stokes162M Bennett138
Peter Shelley59451Eddie Duggan301
Eddie Fielding62,52317Norman Routledge172
Denis Marr73,51436Steve Stokes146
Jack McLaughlin64,51,114574M Bennett148
Richard Barrett387Gaye Jones197
Trevor Thorn319Martin Phillips205
Jamie Hoad52361M Thatcher211
Jack Hedley524C Ayres165
Trevor Thorn394Gaye Jones119
Martin Phillips259Richard Barrett196
Jack Hedley61369Jamie Hoad251
C Ayres250M Thatcher240
T Thorn365Richard Barrett347
Martin Phillips447Gaye Jones137
Jack Hedley51,67567M Thatcher209
C Ayres270Jamie Hoad257
South East
Jamie Wayman407Arthur Winn247
Phil Welham99,62,61571Greg English281
Eva Palmius244Mark Hill205
D Smith233Peter Johnson195
Ron Agnew306P Hobson270
Mick Johnson328A Elvin215
Kevin Payne74264Mick White259
Steve Springhamw/oBem French
Mick Whitew/oBem French
Kevin Payne267Steve Springham213
Phil Welham80,56477Arthur Winn259
Jamie Wayman76415Greg English297
Eva Palmius293Peter Johnson165
Mark Hill267D Smith250
Mick Johnson446P Hobson78190
Ron Agnew* Drawn *279A Elvin* Drawn *279
Eva Palmius288D Smith267
Peter Johnson282Mark Hill197
A Elvin358P Hobson294
Mick Johnson309Ron Agnew206
Mick White350Steve Springham314
Kevin Paynew/oBem French
Arthur Winn344Greg English272
Phil Welham59,90,54,72,78698Jamie Wayman79290
South West
Chris Mitchell395Brian Harvey293
Chris Mitchell70,88616Bill Andress174
Brian Harvey511Bill Andress304
Qualifier: Mitchell

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