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2015 – AGM Policy Changes

2015 AGM Policy Changes

Following the recent AGM a few changes have been made to certain rules and policies these are outlined as follows:
 At the request of the website manager(s) asking for half points to be dispensed with the following has been decided:
From 2015/16 all ranking points will avoid using 1/2 or 0.5. All such awards will be raised to the next whole number.
For example: English Amateur & Grand Masters Q/F’s:  22.5pts. will become 23pts.
             and:  All ABC and English Amateur Match play plate competition runners-up: 12.5 pts. will become 13pts.
The committee also decided on the following:
If the full ranking list or the senior ranking list shows a tie for crucial positions such as 1st. or 8th. then points gained from the ‘compulsory points’ tournaments will be considered. That is: Full rankings – English Amateur and the Match play.  Senior rankings: Grand Masters and the Match play.
The EABA recognises this is an emotive issue, nevertheless the aim is to avoid byes, sustain playing time and hence maximise value for money. The policy is only applicable after the round – robin format with the relevant tournaments being the English Amateur and the Grand Masters.
The policy can be implemented between (A) regional and intermediate stage and (B) intermediate stage and the last 16 (the K.O.stage)
(A) A replacement will be someone from the same region (not just the same group), with 2 wins from 3 in a group of 4 or 1 win from 2 in a group of 3. If there is more than one such candidate the points difference will be considered. The EABA recognises that it is mathematical possible but unlikely for all candidates from groups of 4 to have 1 win. If this occurs the best points difference will prevail. If the number of regional entries is such that unequal group sizes are unavoidable then points difference will decide between 1:2 and  2:3 ratios.
(B) The intermediate stage (32 players) will be 8 groups of 4 and any replacement will be found by considering the full sample using the above criteria for groups of 4.
The policy will be used between regionals and finals day as in the English Amateur section (A).
Notes: Absenteeism on the day is already covered in  tournament rules.
           The policy will be implemented when a qualifier has to withdraw and gives sufficient time for the Association to react.
           The EABA will apply the policy in a fair way bearing in mind that differing circumstances and the unforeseen can and do occur.

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